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USA Immigration Consultants in Dubai

USA Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Are you looking for new opportunities or want to take your professional career on newer heights? Yes! Then the USA is the right option for you. And to fly to this amazing country, you can rely on us as we are a premier USA immigration consultant in Dubai, UAE. With over 5 years of experience and excellence in immigration services, we are better recognised for creating bespoke solutions for the USA immigration visa services.

Why Migrate to USA from Dubai

The United States of America is the heartbeat of North American continent and is recognized as the most preferred and famous destinations amongst international immigrants from around the globe. It has over 300 million people residing and working there, in distinct states which make the country 4 th largest in the world and obviously one of the most diverse and ethnic countries having such a multicultural population. It also makes it the country with one of the highest count of immigrants, all around the world, despite it being the hardest to get it.

The country is a fraternity of different cultures, a spectrum of ethnicity. It is one of the most beautiful countries and also one of the hardest to get in because of the stringiest rules and regulations for immigration purposes. But it has also been the most beneficial throughout the years despite being difficult for immigrants in terms of occupation, inhabitancy and education, healthcare, too.

It is known for its fast life and is a pinnacle for career-related activities and all kinds of occupational aspirations – be it Science, Politics, Art or Cultural, an epitome of idealised everything, say Economy, GDP, etc., in the world and definitely an ideal place for immigrants to work, study or reside in – for all the benefits the country provides on the basis of business, safety, environment and education.

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Explore USA visa options

The government of the United States offers an extensive range of visa types so that more and more skilled and eligible people can come and significantly contribute to the growth of the country. Check out the table given here to know the visa options available:

Visitors Visas

These visas are issued to the applicants who want to visit the country for a maximum period of 6 months.

  • B1 for Business Visits
  • B2 for Tourism Visitors

Student Visas

These visas are issued for vocational and academic purposes. Depending on the field or school chosen, you can apply for one of these visas.

  • F1 for Students
  • F2 for Dependents of F1 Visa holders
  • M1 for Vocational Purposes

Exchange Visitor Visas

These visas are meant for the applicants who are involved in the exchange programs and some sort of employment or training program within the country.

  • J1 Visa
  • Q Visa

Temporary Work Visas

The country has so many options when it comes to the temporary visa. Depending on your needs, you can apply for one.

  • H1 visa for people who have been employed in excessively skilled fields
  • H1B1 visa is for Singapore and Chile citizens
  • H-2A visa is granted to those who are temporarily involved in agricultural work from selected nations
  • H-2B visa is given to those who are involved in other types of temporary seasonal works except for agricultural activities
  • H3 visa is for those who want to make the most out of training or educational opportunities in the country
  • L1 visa is issued to intra-company executives or managers

Temporary Visas – O Category

People having extraordinary skills and abilities in the fields of education, science, business, arts, athletics, etc. can choose to visit the USA on this visa

  • O1 visa for those who have extraordinary abilities and skills
  • O2 visa is for those who want to assist O1 visa holders
  • O3 is designed for dependents of O1 visa holders

Investor and Treaty Trader Visas

These visas are issued to those who have any sort of treaty of commerce and navigation in the USA.

  • E1 visa is for treaty traders
  • E2 is for treaty investors

Employer-Sponsored Visas

This category also has different options. Keeping your precise needs, eligibility, and purpose in mind, you can choose to apply for a visa.

  • EB1 visa
  • Employment Second Preference Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability visa is issued for those who hold a labor certification and job in the USA
  • Employment Third Preference Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers visa is suitable for those who already have an approved ‘Petition for Alien Workers’ filed by their employers
  • Eb5 is for immigrant investors
  • SI visa is for Afghan and Iraqi Interpreters or Translators working for the USA military
  • SQ visa is for those who are citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq and working on behalf or for the USA government

Other Types of Immigrant Visas

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of these visas and enter the USA.

  • Diversity Immigrant Visas are for those who deemed to be ‘diversity immigrants’, means people coming from the countries having low immigration rate than the USA
  • SB visa or Returning Resident Visa is for those who are already the citizen of the USA but living outside the country for more than 1 year for any uncontrollable reason

The country has over 185 types of different visas including fiancé and spouse visas, family-sponsored visas, and immediate relative visas. However, they are grouped into the following two categories:

Immigrant Visas

These visas are issued to those who want to live permanently in the USA under ‘immigrant investor schemes’ or family reunion

Non-Immigrant Visas

These are provided to those who want to visit the country for temporary purposes such as education, tourism, family visit, business, etc.

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What Makes MapleCan Migration the Best USA Immigration Consultant in Dubai

MapleCan Migration is a leading immigration company in in Dubai. We are strongly committed to constantly providing you with world-class services for PR and immigration visas and related needs. We are licensed and certified by the concerned authorities, ensuring fast immigration process for you. As the best USA immigration consultants in Dubai, our objective is to enable skilled professionals and eligible applicants to achieve their plans of immigrating to such a developed and advanced country. For this, we offer structured, streamlined, and cost-effective services. If you are seeking the professional immigration services for the USA immigration, then our experienced and highly qualified USA immigration advisers at MapleCan Migration is always ready to help you.

It gives us immense pleasure to put our best into our work and the results that we get are just a proof of that theory, which then reflects onto our clients’ faces. We do not just make the whole process of US immigration seamless, but we also believe in making a bond with our clients – to make our clients a part of the family that is MapleCan Migration. We will not just make this journey of yours a smooth sailing one, we also promise to walk you through all the questions that you have, and to do the work for you.

If you are a person who aspires to open a business in the US, you will need to make sure that you have one of the various types of US business visas. Following are a few types of them:

  • B1 Short term business visa not allowed for signing contracts or performing work for hire.
  • B2 Short term, which is a Tourist Visa.
  • E-1 Treaty trader visa, good for setting up a business that will trade with the visa-holder’s home country.
  • Must be with a country with an appropriate treaty with the US.
  • L-1 Intercompany transfer visa, it allows holder to transfer from foreign company to a US company subject to restrictions.

Process and Approach for the USA Immigration

The government of the United States has well-defined immigration laws and processes that grab the attention of hundreds and thousands of potential immigrants every year. At MapleCan Migration, we have the expertise and a track record to help eligible candidates prepare an application with the highest possible chances of success. Our USA immigration consultants in Dubai will thoroughly assess your profile and help you choose the right visa type and immigration approach. There are several different ways to move to the USA and some of them are:

  • Immigrating as a skilled professional or employee
  • Immigrating through the business and investor route
  • Immigrating with your family

MapleCan Migration has been the first choice for serious and potential immigrants from the last many years. Our thorough research and professional approach ensure that your application is in the right hands. Speak to us today to find out how we can help you reach your dream destination!

Get End-to-End Immigration Support for the USA at MapleCan Migration

As we have discussed earlier that the USA is the world’s superpower and the greatest immigration destination. Hence, the country offers an unparalleled quality of life along with a myriad of employment opportunities. Its outstanding educational system, a strong economy, and a liberal way of living make this country a bastion of growth and progress. Here, at MapleCan Migration, we have expertise in the USA immigration process. Our dedicated team of professionals is experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled enough to help you get started with your ‘American’ immigration dreams.

Contact the best USA Immigration Consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from MapleCan Migration to know how to migrate to USA on a Skilled Migrant Visa and USA WORK PERMIT. Whatever we consult, the whole process will be based on USA Immigration current and latest rules and regulations.

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M Ali

It was a great as well as anxious 1 year for me. From day one, I started dreaming of the USA immigration to the day I submitted my visa application, MapleCan Migration stood with me. In the epoch of fraudsters, MapleCan Migration is a professional and genuine agency offering trusted services at reasonable fees. My consultant Mr. Anirudh and his team of USA immigration consultants in Dubai work systematically. When I registered, he keeps me reminding of the next step to be taken. He also provided me with a proper checklist of documents as per the standards of the concerned authorities. So, I would like to convey my special thanks to my consultants and his team for clearing all my doubts and making the entire process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Lastly, I would surely recommend MapleCan Migration to my friends and family members who want to immigrate to the USA.

Christine Nguyen

Anyone looking for the USA immigration consultants in Dubai just like me should rely on MapleCan Migration. I am saying this because a few days back I got my PR and it is all because of MapleCan Migration and especially Sadiya. She and her team are quite professional. They took special care of every minute step needed and guided and helped me throughout the process. I am so happy that I chose MapleCan Migration because at that time I was in a dilemma whether to join my hands with them or not. But I am happy that asked them to provide me with guidance for my USA PR visa. I wish her all the very best so that she can help more and more deserving candidates fulfill their USA immigration dreams just like me.

Samar Chopra

My experience with MapleCan Migration has been great and quite memorable. They have a professional team of USA immigration consultants in Dubai who knows how to handle worries, skepticism, and fears of people about immigration. I would like to thank my consultant Ms Maria and her team as they always answered my never-ending questions with great patience. She was always available to provide me with the answers to my queries and doubts through phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, and messages. I would also like to mention that her team was also very proficient as they guided me throughout the USA immigration process. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I just want to wish them all the very best so that they can touch greater heights.

USA Immigration Frequently Ask Questions

Do I really need a visa to visit the USA?

People who are not eligible to enter the USA through the Visa Waiver Program or who are not exempted from the visa requirements or people who have already been denied an ESTA, then they will need a visa to enter the country. Travelers requiring visas are those who are traveling through the USA to another place. To know more about the visa waiver, you can connect with our USA immigration consultants in Dubai to know whether your country is listed for the program or not.

Can I work in the USA on Visa Waiver, B1 Business Visa, or B2 Tourist Visa? If not, then what type of visa will I need for the same?

No. If you are traveling to the USA to find work, to do business, or to work for a company, then you will need to apply for a work visa like the H-1 Visa or H-2 Visa. You should understand that the B-1 business visa and B-2 tourist visa are meant for those who are traveling to the USA for a maximum period of 6 months or less to attend or conduct business for a company or on behalf of their company in terms of contracts, business meetings, etc. The Visa Waiver Program allows you to travel to the USA for up to 90 days for business, tourism, medical treatment, etc. Since the options are endless when it comes to the work visas, you can get in touch with our leading immigration consultants to know the most appropriate options for your precise travel needs.

What is the difference between the F-1 visa and the J-1 visa? Can I work in the USA if I have an F-1 visa?

The F-1 visa is issued to those who want to study in the USA at a university/ college/ school. The J-1 visa, on the other hand, is for exchange students who will only stay in the country temporarily. If you are planning to enroll in a short course in the USA i.e. cooking class or classes that will only last for a few days or weeks, then you can travel on the tourist visa only.

When it comes to the right to work in the USA on the F1 visa, then you will only be allowed to work up to 20 hours weekly from on-campus jobs during the terms. You can also work full-time during vacations. However, you should check with your university to know how many hours are allowed to work while studying.

How much time will it take to issue my immigration visa?

Generally, the entire process takes anywhere between 7-10 days working days.

What to do if my immigration visa is refused?

You will be granted 1 year or 12 months from the day of refusal to collect and provide the authorities with the missing documents to apply again. You can also get in touch with our USA immigration consultants for professional support and the right guidance.

Why is the police certificate is needed for the USA immigration visa application?

Here, a police certificate means the statement which will inform the immigration authorities or officers whether or not any criminal conviction is held in your name.