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UK Immigration Consultants in Dubai

UK Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Are you a skilled professional? Do you want to migrtae to the most developed country like the UK from Dubai for more yet better career opportunities? Congratulations! You are at the right place. Being one of the most reliable UK immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE, we, at MapleCan Migration can help to get your UK PR visa with great ease. With 5+ years of experience in immigration services, our UK immigration consultants are always there to guide and assist skilled professionals in the UK work permit and PR visa processes.

MapleCan Migration team of experts will not only solve your queries but also walk you through the whole process of your Visa application for UK in the most seamless manner! They will help you with processing your UK visa, UK Immigration and Tier-1 Entrepreneur Visa through a careful and well-thought approach. UK Immigration has different visa options out of which Tier-1 Entrepreneur is the best possible way to relocate to UK.

Why Migrate to the UK?

The country with the aroma of its history all over, the United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, without a doubt, the UK is also world’s fastest growing economy. If you are only looking for beauty, this country is definitely the place to go because trust us, you will not only get to see gorgeous and breath-taking buildings that have history written all over them, that is how preciously this country has preserved its history, but you will also see excellence in terms of technology, business, education and healthcare – which has created amazing and plentiful opportunities in the country for skilled people from around the globe, and not only the citizens.

The government now has also decided to make the immigration processes easier for the skilled people all around the world to easily come to the country to study, work or reside in.

The beautiful country is a fraternity of different cultures, a spectrum of ethnicity. An epitome of everything good in the world and definitely an ideal place for immigrants to study, work or reside in – for all the benefits the country provides on the basis of business, safety, environment and education.


  • It is a developed country and one of the world’s strongest and fastest growing economies and has the best Education and Healthcare systems.
  • It has the 16th highest nominal per capital income worldwide, while it also holds the highest Human Development Index.
  • It’s also one of the safest places to live in the world.
  • It has also one of the world’s best and highest employment rate and market – making it the best residence for skilled labour and aspiring or leading business workers.
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Explore UK visa options

The government of the UK provides potential immigrants with an extensive range of immigration visas so that they can come and realize their dreams. These options include:

Work Visa

To work in the UK, you will get three different visa options – Tier 1 for exceptional people, Tier 2 for skilled worker system, and Tier 5 for 12 months (also called temporary work visa). However, all these options allow you to live and work in the UK.

Tourist or Visit Visa

Most of the visit visas are valid for 6 months. Hence, this visa type can also be used for a short business trip, attend an event, etc. as long as you do not accept a job offer. So, if you have the same purposes, you can apply for the UK tourist visa from the UAE.

Family Visa

To help you live with your loved ones or unite you with your family, the UK government offers this visa option. With this visa, you can also settle with a British citizen or a settled person by marrying them.

Study Visa

This visa is suitable for you if you want to enroll for a short-term course or a long-term course i.e. UG, PG, diploma, or certificate program, then you must opt for this option. This visa type includes a general student visa (tier 4) and a child student visa (tier 4).

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What Makes MapleCan Migration the Best UK Immigration Consultant in Dubai?

MapleCan Migration represent immigration and all its parameters in the most transparent and genuine of ways. We put in our best and a hundred percent efforts in our work for you and expect it to reflect in the results, which it does.

Reasons as to why you should choose us are that we not only help our clients with their applications and attain their visas but also find a job before they land in their desired destinations.

We offer genuine and transparent immigration services – all kinds of them online. We walk our clients through their applications, the whole process, solve their questions as they come to us, support them and proof read everything so as to avoid mistakes and ensure that their application is accurate.

We work hard because each client has different needs as to what they want, what type of service they want to avail – whether they require a permanent residency visa, spouse visa, family immigration, etc., so we stay prepared to assist our clients in the best way that we can. We also arrange interviews for our clients with attorneys and make sure that they are prepared for the same. We are really fast, too, because the assessment form takes hardly a few minutes to fill. We are punctual and will get back to you within a day or two to tell you if we will be able to help.

MapleCan Migration is the best immigration consultant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and our vision is to ensure an absolute smooth journey of immigration for our clients – wherever they decide to move, work or study.

At MapleCan Migration we do not just make the whole process of UK immigration seamless, but we also believe in making a bond with our clients – to make our clients a part of the family that is MapleCan.

Tier-1 Entrepreneur Visa

You can apply for Tier-1 Entrepreneur Visa if you have minimum access of £50,000 or Maximum £200,000 to invest in UK. This visa allows you to come to UK for a maximum of 3 years and 4 months with an extension of further 2 years which later leads to British Citizenship.

Contact the best UK Immigration Consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from MapleCan Migration to know how to migrate to UK on a Skilled Migrant Visa and UK WORK PERMIT. Whatever we consult, the whole process will be based on UK Immigration current and latest rules and regulations.

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UK Immigration Client Testimonials
Michael Saeed
Business Owner

I always wanted to maximize my potential and skills. So, I decided to visit the UK to explore better and relevant work opportunities. I visited the office of MapleCan Migration and met Sadiya. We sit together and discussed everything related to my case. Since I was quite concerned as I did not want my visa to be rejected, I decided to move further under her guidance only. After working with her, I must say, she is very proficient in her work. Today, I am really happy and satisfied with the assistance provided. I would definitely recommend MapleCan Migration to everyone.

Maryam Al Shamsi

I was planning to immigrate to either the UK or Canada but I was quite confused and unable to decide the country. Then, one of my close friends suggested me the name of MapleCan Migration and the UK immigration consultant name Ms. Himani (Sr. UK Immigration Adviser in MapleCan Migration). When I met them, they assigned Himani as my immigration officer as per my request. She assessed my profile and suggested the UK as the best country for my immigration dream. After this, I decided to be with them for further steps. She along with her team has given everything possible to finish the entire process on-time. I believe that it would have not been possible without her. As per my experience with MapleCan Migration, I am giving 5 start rating. I would love to recommend MapleCan Migration for those who are looking for genuine UK immigration consultants and guidance for their UK immigration visa.

Faizan Khan
Restaurant Manager

I would like to recommend the services of MapleCan Migration to those who want to immigrate to the UK. I got my visa approved within 8 months and I am now happily settled in my dream country since December 2018. One of my friends also wants to settle in the UK, so I have already suggested him to meet Anirudh in MapleCan Migration to have the best and most trusted services.

UK Immigration Frequently Ask Questions

How much time it will take to get a visa for the UK?

Nearly 99% of the normal visa applications for the UK are adjudicated within 10 working days from the day of submission. And the maximum time for the same is decided by up to 15 working days. However, you can also prioritize your visa application with the help of our PR and immigration experts. By doing this, your application will be adjudicated only within 3-5 business days. Even ‘super priority’ is also there to adjudicate the application within 24 hours only.

What documents will be needed for the UK visa process?

To get a UK visa to realize your dreams, you will need the following documents:

  • A valid passport
  • A duly and correctly filled visa application form
  • 1 passport-sized photograph
  • Visa fee
  • Evidence of having enough funds to support the expenses with 3 months of bank statement
  • Confirmed flight ticket and proof of accommodation
  • Invitation letter from the sponsor family member
  • Original marriage and birth certificates

How can I easily immigrate to the UK?

To move to the UK, you will need to choose the right visa type as per your profile and everything. A good UK immigration consultant in Dubai will help you pick the best one by assessing your profile. To relocate to this beautiful and growing country, you will get the following options:

  • Tier 1: For highly skilled professionals
  • Tier 2: For skilled workers sponsored by the UK-based employer
  • Tier 4: Study visa
  • Tier 5: Provincial work visa through the Youth Mobility Scheme

What is the roadmap to the UK?

To know the roadmap to your dream country UK, you must consult with a leading immigration consultant for the UK in Dubai. However, look at the following to have an idea about the same:
Highly Qualified Foreigners

  • Tier 1: Exceptional Talent Visa
  • Tier 1: Entrepreneur Visa
  • Tier 1: Investor Visa
  • Tier 1: Graduate Entrepreneurs Visa
Skilled Professionals Having a Job Offer in Hand in the in-Demand Occupations or the Field of Skills Shortage
  • Tier 2: General Visa
  • Tier 2: Sportsperson Visa
  • Tier 2: Minister of Religion Visa
  • Tier 2: Intra-Company Transfer Visa
Youth Mobility and Temporary Foreign Workers
  • Tier 5: Temporary Worker Visa
  • Tier 5: Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

What are the most popular and in-demand occupations in the UK? What average salary will I earn from these jobs?

Even though you can browse through the official website of the UK government to see the list of the in-demand occupations, we have listed a few popular jobs below along with the average salary:

  • Mechanical Engineers: €50,000
  • Chemical Engineers: €41,256
  • Engineering Professionals: €40,000
  • Healthcare Occupations: €36,497
  • Electrical Engineers: €31,787
  • Civil Engineers: 30,450
  • Planning and Quality Control Engineers: €28,627
  • Production and Process Engineers: €27,534
  • Design and Development Engineers: €25,691
  • Engineering Technicians: €23,026