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Welcome to the www.maplecanmigration.com. This website is owned and managed by MapleCan Migration. When you continue to leaf through and access the information, you are accepting to adhere and bound by our terms and conditions of usages which accompanied by the privacy policy of MapleCan Migration. In case you do not agree with any of the sections of our terms and conditions, kindly desist from using our official website.

The term ‘MapleCan Migration’ or ‘We’ or ‘Us’ here means the proprietor of the website whose registered headquarter is in Dubai. The word ‘You’ means the visitor or the end-user of our website.

The Usage of Our Website is Subject to the following Terms of Use:
The materials available on the website’s given pages are strictly for your general lowdown. This website may make the use of cookies to keep a watchful eye on the browsing habits and choices of its visitors. If you do not allow the usage of the cookies, we could store the following private details for further usage by third-parties:

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Neither MapleCan Migration nor other third-parties give any pledge or surety whatsoever involving the performance, suitability, correctness or completeness of the materials, facts, and figures presented here on the website for any particular object. You accept the data and materials could have certain mistakes or inaccuracies even as we desist from taking any responsibility for such mistakes or incorrectness.

Your usage of any material or information on the website is completely at your own risk and MapleCan Migration shall not be held accountable. It shall be completely on your hands to make sure that any information, services, or products made available through the website cater to your precise individual needs.

Copying the information or material available on the website is strictly not permitted except in accord with the copyright notice which further constitutes a key element of our terms and conditions. These materials or information include the overall look, design, form, and arrangement of our website. The use of any information or material without MapleCan Migration’ consent is an illegal activity.

We may carry some links to other third-party websites to help you with more details and additional facts. However, it does not mean that we endorse the details provided and we are not responsible for the issues linked. Disagreements emerging out of the usage of this website are subject to the laws of the country.

The association of consultant and client or adviser and client will be subject to a bond of commitment aptly inked between the involved groups. Hence, the agreed inked engagement contract for employing the services offered by MapleCan Migration as an immigration advisor is free from these terms and conditions. Deal of engagement could also be different from one client to another, it is the responsibility of the reader/guest/end-user to ask for the bond’s copy.

Copy or redistribution of the content without our consent in any form is not allowed and unlawful, except the following cases:

  • You could download the clippings and some parts for personal as well as non-monetary purposes
  • If you are using the content copied from the individual third-parties, you will need to give credit to the website publically
  • You are not permitted to use or distribute our written content or material for commercial purposes. You are also not allowed to store it or pass the same to any other website

If you have any questions or queries about the terms and conditions outlined above, you can write to us on info@maplecanmigration.com

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Preferred countries for Immigration

As the leading immigration consultants in Dubai, the sole objective of MapleCan Migration is to enable clients to accomplish their migration plans to various countries including the ones listed below:.


Join the group of thousands of other successful migrants to Canada with MapleCan Migration’ comprehensive migration services and support


Get complete support from our highly dedicated immigration counsellors to improve your chances of quickly and easily settling in Australia


Make your immigration dreams to New Zealand come true and introduce yourself to new opportunities with our certified services


Skilled enough and want to fly to Germany? We are here to help you in the process right from documentation to visa form submission


Make Denmark - one of the happiest countries in the world, your new home and get numerous opportunities to explore


A multicultural province of the UK has its own immigration policies and programs. Explore and immigrate to the UK with us without any hassle