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South Africa is a breath-taking country with sights for sore eyes all around! It is the country famous for its sun and its forests; it is also marked by several different ecosystems.

It is an ideal destination for immigrants from around the globe because of the ample of opportunities that it creates in terms of education and occupation, among other things. With the recent technological advancements, the country has opened up its gates to various occupations, thus, making room for plentiful jobs in various sectors – which has attracted immigrants from all around the world.

If you are interested in any South Africa IMMIGRATION related service or have any questions relating to anything about the aforementioned country, all you need to do is contact us! We are here to solve any query you have regarding this. Our best immigration consultants and experts would not only help you but also provide you with tips and valuable insights.

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MapleCan Migration is the most trusted IMMIGRATION consultancy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and our vision is to ensure an absolute smooth journey of IMMIGRATION for our clients – wherever they decide to move, work or study.

Our experts take proper assessments, thanks to technology, just to check how close you are of being approved for your visa. We also offer genuine and transparent immigration services – all kinds of them online. We walk our clients through their applications, the whole process, solve their questions as they come to us, support them and proof read everything so as to avoid mistakes and ensure that their application is accurate.

We work hard because each client has different needs as to what they want, what type of service they want to avail – whether they require a PERMANENT RESIDENCY VISA, SPOUSE VISA, FAMILY IMMIGRATION, etc., so we stay prepared to assist our clients in the best way that we can. We also arrange interviews for our clients with attorneys and make sure that they are prepared for the same. We are really fast, too, because the assessment form takes hardly a few minutes to fill. We are punctual and will get back to you within a day or two to tell you if we will be able to help. At MapleCan Migration, we do not just make the whole process of immigration seamless, but we also believe in making a bond with our clients – to make our clients a part of the family that is MapleCan Migration.

Here’s a list of the documents that you will need for Critical Skilled Visa, WORK PERMIT or Permanent immigrant application:

  • An application form which is exactly in the format that is mentioned by the embassy, Department of Home Affairs, or consulate.
  • The South African Qualifications Authority has given out the list of qualifications to make the process of review easy; kindly refer to it and then submit.
  • Get a police verification letter, which should be issued by the Police department of the country you’ve been inhabiting in for more than 1 year or 12 months; as the clearance certificate is necessary for anybody above 18 years of age.
  • The company you would be working with or employing under, should get it published in the local newspaper, the requirement and everything that it wants to hire a foreigner and that no South African candidate was suitable for the job. You also have to get a copy of it which is attached to the Work Visa application form, from your employer.
  • Submit the T&C of your employment, repatriation proof, and duration.
  • To prove your mental and physical fitness, you will have to undergo a medical examination, which then will be submitted to the authorities.
  • Attach the document of your registration with the professional organization, if any.
  • A few other personal documents like birth certificate, the detailed CV, passport, marriage certificate, divorce papers, etc., have to be submitted, too.
  • We suggest you to be methodical and systematic whilst preparing for a WORK PERMIT in South Africa; it will help you greatly in getting the visa on your first try.

Contact the best South Africa Immigration Consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from MapleCan Migration to know how to migrate to South Africa on a Skilled Migrant Visa and South African WORK PERMIT. Whatever we consult, the whole process will be based on South Africa Immigration current and latest rules and regulations.

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