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Refund Policy

The customers agree that they will not legally responsible to claim a refund in case if they wish to end their contract with the services and withdraw from the same before the time of MapleCan Migration submitting the visa or/and immigration application.

The customers validate that before making any decision related to our services that they read and understand all our terms & conditions and privacy policy.

The customer may withhold or cancel the application at several stages of the visa process without claiming any refund from our company even if it is the very NEXT DAY after signing the agreement. We will not refund any amount once you signed the agreement as everything was explained properly and have given truthful details according to the existing rules and regulations of the respective nation to file your visa application.

  • The CLIENT having criminal background or record
  • The CLIENT having medically unfit
  • The CLIENT not being proficient in English
  • The CLIENT is not able to provide us with relevant documents as required
  • Or any sort of the change in criteria or whatsoever changes in the corporate the individual

We will not accountable to refund even in the case of the client being informed by the concerned ‘Immigration Office or Officer’ that they do not qualify for the required program applied with MapleCan Migration other than the – Medical, Security, Insufficient Funds, Insufficient or Misleading Information, Misrepresentation, Points Lost on Language or Inappropriate Information, Points Lost on Education basis i.e. false, non-accredited or unrecognized credentials, Points Lost on Work Experience in which the case representative was not satisfied with the facts furnished by you, non-submission of required/complete documents from your end on or before the stipulated time by the relevant Government which may affect your case and/or any other violation of the contractual clauses.

If repayment is issued, it will only be made on special consideration which is against MapleCan Migration terms & conditions. However, the application for your refund will be processed in 90 working days by the legal team of MapleCan Migration.

For detailed information and relevant clauses, kindly refer to the retainer contract signed by both parties.

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