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Poland Immigration Consultants In Dubai

Poland Immigration Consultants In Dubai, UAE

Are you planning to migrate to Poland for better career opportunities? Don’t look anywhere, MapleCan Migration is here to make the immigration process simpler for you! We are the trusted Poland immigration consultants in Dubai.

Natural wonders, archaeological splendour and a stable economy of Poland make it the best place to immigrate. If you are not a native of this country, but, want to acquire visa through highly experienced Poland immigration consultants, then, our consultancy is worth an investment. Our immigration consultation services are aimed at making immigration experience smooth.

Temporary residential permit or permanent immigration require proper documentation to attain visa for Poland. MapleCan Migration team ensures all the visa requirements are fulfilled before you fly to Poland.

Apart from this, different types of immigration visas for Poland, guidelines and other points of relevance are easily accessible through Poland immigration consultants in UAE. Business trip visa for Poland has been the intricate process before moving within the country freely. On the other hand, if you have other reasons to immigrate to Poland, then, here’s what you should know:

poland work permit for professionals
  • Higher wages can be expected
  • Average working duration is 40 hours per week
  • Low unemployment rate
  • Average salary is considerably increasing in Poland
  • 20 days paid leave is offered to employees after one year’s work
  • Better job opportunities

We, at MapleCan Migration extend comprehensive support and guidance to skilled workers as well as professionals looking for immigration assistance in Dubai.

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Types of Immigration for Skilled Workers:

Airport transit A type visa:

It enables you to travel across Poland without staying anywhere outside the airport transit area. Eligibility: 1. If you are a national of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of the Congo Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Sudan, Pakistan or Sri Lanka. 2. If you do not want to leave the transit area of the airport.

Uniform Schengen C type visa:

After acquiring this visa, you can enter the territory of member states as a tourist. Besides, you can visit family, friends or participate in cultural or sports events for maximum 90 days’ duration. Eligibility: Depending on the purpose or nature of your travel, this type of visa is issued ranging from limited territorial validity and 90 days duration visa to permanent residence due to studies.

National D type visa

This work permit is valid for employees who are sent to Poland through intra-employment transfer. If the duration of work exceeds more than 30 days, then, the employee needs to obtain this Poland work permit.

Type D

This visa is granted to individuals who want to stay in Poland for a longer duration for inter alia business, studies, educational training or employment. Eligibility: Supporting documents of purpose and medical travel insurance must be shown to attain National D type visa.

poland work permit options

Why choose Poland immigration consultants – MapleCan Migration

As stated above quality life in Poland after acquiring residential or work permit is certainly rewarding. Moreover, prospects of getting an exposure to foreign culture, in terms of education, employment and other aspects are relatively high in this Central European country. If you are not sure about the exact process of immigration or want to access advanced information, then, Poland immigration consultants of MapleCan Migration are right here to serve you dedicatedly!

At MapleCan Migration, we have a plethora of resources and in-depth as well as upgraded knowledge in accordance to Polish immigration. Consistent success track record, working closely with applicants to address their queries and catering to their Polish immigration have made our consultancy prominent.

Our Poland immigration consultants have worked with innumerable applicants and given right direction to them to complete the process. This process of immigration demands comprehensive assistance and guidance which we offer to skilled workers. So, get started with the consultation and let our immigration professionals make your dream to settle in Poland come true!

How To Immigrate To Poland From Dubai With MapleCan Migration?

Over the past few years, MapleCan Migration has offered error-free immigration application assistance to skilled workers. Even if your purpose is to migrate to Poland permanently due to its quality life, then, our professionals will enable you to immigrate to poland from Dubai with utmost ease. At MapleCan Migration, we have qualified, well-trained consultants, guides and scholars who collectively groom individuals to adapt to the Polish culture. Here’s how we make the immigration process simplified in a pragmatic manner:

  • Career counselling and job search advice solutions are offer along with visa assistance
  • Technology-oriented assessment is used for completing immigration visa services
  • Transparent and genuine assistance is offered to clients through online & offline modes
  • Extensive support for interview preparation and filling visa application process is offered for immigration
  • In-depth research is conducted by our immigrant consultants to cater to diverse requisites of applicants
  • Streamlining all the processes phenomenally yet quickly to obtain the type of visa for Poland, clients are looking for

Make your visa application simpler, efficient and resourceful with MapleCan Migration, experienced immigration consultants in UAE!

Do you want to immigrate to Poland from Dubai with MapleCan Migration?

At MapleCan Migration, our constant efforts are intended at formal briefing, documentation, interview preparation and complete documentation to acquire Polish Visa. Our Poland immigration consultants in UAE stay updated visa and immigration requirements to assist professionals and skilled workers. Expert advice, addressing queries related to immigration, career insights and other responsibilities are dealt with by our proactive team of consultants.

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Poland Immigration Frequently Ask Questions

Is it tough to get visa for Poland?

When you choose MapleCan Migration before migrating to Poland or any EU member state, then, our well-trained consultants make the immigration process hassle-free. The entire documentation process is detailed yet we ensure applicant gets visa swiftly.

What documents are required to obtain Poland immigration visa approved?

Submission of documents depends on the type of immigration you are applying for. MapleCan Migration extends support to compile the necessary documents to attain Polish visa.

How can Poland immigration consultants in Dubai help me with visa interview preparation?

MapleCan Migration is familiar with the commonly asked questions in interview as you apply for immigration visa for Poland. You just need to prepare as advised by Poland immigration consultants in Dubai to clear the interview.

Is it easy to get job in Poland?

If you are eligible for work permit and have valid employment proof, then, our immigration consultants in Dubai will get your Work Visa for Poland approved. In fact, there are numerous career opportunities in this country and has a stable economy. Alternatively, you can seek career insights from our expert Poland immigration consultants according to your employment stream.