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Planning to migrate to Denmark? Finding the legitimate Denmark immigration consultants in Dubai? Congratulations! Your search ends here. We at MapleCan Migration can assist you in your dream to migrate to Denmark from Dubai, UAE under Danish Green Card Scheme. Contact with our immigration experts to know how to migrate to Denmark on a SKILLED MIGRANT VISA and Danish WORK PERMIT.

Why Migrate to Denmark

Who wouldn’t want to move to the happiest country in the world? What makes Denmark the happiest country in the world is its people. The secret behind Danes being so joyful is that they are really trusting and accepting people. And of course, they change the things that they don’t like. Acceptance plays a huge part in Denmark Immigration. What if the country that you’re planning on moving to is not so highly inclined towards change – i.e. the people of different cultures moving to their country? That would Immigration a huge task and the laws and policies would be completely different. This is one of the huge reasons which make Denmark so talked about when it comes to Immigration.

So, if you are thinking about living, working or studying there, do not think twice because you will not regret it, for obvious reasons.

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What Makes MapleCan Migration The Best Denmark Immigration Consultants in Dubai?

MapleCan Migration is an immigration advisory firm in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our vision is to ensure an absolute smooth journey of immigration to Denmark for our clients – wherever they decide to move, work or study. We provide the best Denmark Immigration related services out there.

Our team entails young members, and each of us comes forward to help one another and that makes us a family, we treat our clients as family, too, and that says something for our way of working. We love bringing fresh ideas to the table in order to make our services better for you, our clients. We love putting our best into our work and the results that we get are just a proof of that theory, which then reflects onto our clients’ faces. Here at MapleCan, we put in our best efforts and believe in going the extra mile until you get the results that you hope for!

We provide the best immigration related services out there and it gives us immense pleasure to walk you through the whole process because it is simply not just a job to us, we think of it is as our duty and nothing makes us more happy than seeing a smile on our clients’ faces when they are confident with their applications and their minds are at peace.

At MapleCan, we do not just make the whole process of Denmark immigration seamless, but we also believe in making a bond with our clients – to make our clients a part of the family that is MapleCan. We work hard because each client has different needs as to what they want, what type of service they want to avail – whether they require a PERMANENT RESIDENCY VISA, SPOUSE VISA, FAMILY IMMIGRATION, etc., so we stay prepared to assist our clients in the best way that we can.

Denmark being one of the most progressive economies of European Nation not only has a secular social establishment but also an extremely stabilised government.

Denmark Immigration Process

  • Five years of qualifies inhabitancy within the country.
  • Permanent residence of the country culminating into citizenship.

Eligible residence often includes many ways through which one can bepermitted to Reside in the country for stipulated period by the following ways:

  • First through studies and then working
  • By Marring Local
  • Denmark Green card Scheme. If we really analyse different paths of gaining residence for stipulated period of 5 years in Danish green card is the most common passage used by migrants.

A few features of Danish Green Card are as follows:

  • It acts as residence plus work permit.
  • Does not allow migrant to setup and run business.
  • It can be obtained by the aspirants wishing to gain employment in that Country and settling down to carry out job.
  • Is issued after subjecting a migrant’s profile to a point based assessment for candidate to score at least 100 marks.


The Denmark green card is based on a point based system which assesses the prospective applicants on the basis of their skills which includes their educational background, proficiency in the language spoken, and their adaptability to everything that the country has to offer, and then allows Residence Permit Visa if they qualify with their motive of employment match with the country’s laws and regulations. The applicants also get bonus points if they have gotten their educational qualifications from an esteemed university; plus, they are also entitled to a few extra points if Denmark IMMIGRATION is in their list for occupational aspirations. Entry of the applicants’ family or spouse could also be amalgamated in the application. The necessary points allow the applicant to get closer to getting a Permanent Residence of the said country.

Further getting a renewal lies completely of a migrant and any error on part of migrant in applying as per instruction of advance request for renewal then it could result in cancellation of VISA, if the renewal of permission is not issued within the validity period, a migrant may be forced exit country.

Do you want to apply to visit, study, live or work in Denmark? There are special rules and terms apply, if you are a citizen of the EU or one of the Nordic countries. Contact the best Denmark Immigration Consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from MapleCan Migration to know the process, rules, application fee, and requirements to migrate to Denmark on a SKILLED MIGRANT VISA and Danish WORK PERMIT. Whatever, we consult the whole process will be based on Denmark Immigration current and latest rules and regulations.

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