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Canada Work Permit From Dubai

Canada Work Permit Visa From Dubai

Are you a skilled worker who wants to seek a Canada work permit from Dubai to work legally in Canada? At MapleCan Migration, we are the best and the most trusted immigration consultants in Dubai guiding aspiring skilled candidates for decades. With years of experience, sound expertise and a proven track record, we make work permit Canada a lifetime and seamless experience for you and your family. Since inception, we have helped thousands of aspirant skilled workers settle in the world’s most liveable countries like Canada. Whether you have already secured a job opportunity in Canada or got a job contract recently from a Canadian employer, or are settled in Canada and working there without a valid work permit, MapleCan Migration team can provide expert advice, immigration assistance and step by step guidance for acquiring a Canada work permit from Dubai. Being trusted and renowned visa consultants in Dubai, we provide the highest quality services and follow a proactive and professional approach to solve any work visa issues you might face.

We provide the most reliable and efficient work visa consultancy services ensuring you get your work permit Canada smoothly. We have the right knowledge, credentials and the background to help aspirant skilled workers migrate to their work destination and comply with the EU guidelines to complete the process. Right from guiding you for all the documents that are needed to providing accurate assistance throughout the process of Visa application till the visa arrival to post landing assistance, we extend unparalleled and end to end support to fast track canada work permit processing time. We take your desires utmost seriously and work dedicatedly and conscientiously to change them into realities. We are backed by a friendly, reliable and cooperative team who is well versed with end to end canada work permit requirements. They will be at your beck and call to address all your queries while processing Canada work permit visa ensuring you peace of mind.

At MapleCan Migration, we understand that there is a fierce competition for acquiring work visas in foregin countries and a very high demand for immigration. We employ the best industry practices and provide proper step by step guidance to help skilled workers acquire their Canada work permit visa. With our necessary experience and skills, your chances of receiving the work permit Canada increase significantly.

If you are interested in acquiring CANADA WORK PERMIT VISA FROM DUBAI, get in touch with our expert work visa consultants to seamlessly facilitate and fast track your journey overseas. Being a reliable immigration consultancy in Dubai, we provide one stop solutions for all your work visa needs and ensure a hassle-free and smooth immigration experience!

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Canada is a great place to live and work with unlimited opportunity and potential. In fact, Canada is ranked as the second-best country in the world for overall sustainability, cultural diversity, entrepreneurship, economic influence and quality of life. It is known for having a fast growing and industrialized economy and the good news is that the economy continues to improve which makes Canada a truly awesome place for seeking work opportunities. Below are the reasons why Canada is the best immigration option for skilled workers.

  • Canada is a multicultural country and has mixed languages, cultures and religions. It boasts of a heterogenous demographic composition which means that it is home to a diverse set of people from many countries of origin and cultural backgrounds.
  • Canada is blessed with stunning natural beauty in the form of national parks, historic sites and beautiful and scenic landscapes. From unspoiled wilderness to untouched natural wonders, there is a lot to witness and experience in Canada.
  • Canada has always ranked high in the World Report's Quality of Life ranking. Canadians enjoy contented lives free from hardship and have a very high standard of living due to the strength of the Canadian economy.
  • Canada is always on the lookout for skilled immigrants to fill various roles. Also, the Canadain government values skilled professionals and skilled workers. Those with a specialized skill set have a good chance of gaining a Canada work permit Visa.
  • Canada has an excellent health care system. It is publicly funded and administered on a provincial and territorial level guided under the Canadian Health Act. This means that Canadians (including permanent residents) can visit a doctor for checkups and receive treatment for free (the doctors will send the billing to the government).

Canada Work Permit Options

A Canada work permit visa is the permission required by foriegn nationals to work in Canada on a temporary basis. There are mainly two types of work permits issued by Canada.

Open work permit

An open work permit Canada allows you to work for any employer in Canada, except those employers who are listed as ineligible on the list of employers because they failed to comply with the conditions or regularly offer striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages. It is pertinent to note that you are eligible for an open work permit Canada only in specific situations. For example, if you're a spouse or family member of someone working or studying temporarily in Canada at a college or university, you might be eligible for an open Canada work permit visa.

Employer specific work permit

An employer-specific work permit Canada allows foreign nationals to work according to the conditions on your work permit, which include:

  • the name of the employer you can work for,
  • how long you can work for the mentioned employer
  • the location where you can work (if applicable).

canada work permit options

Why choose MapleCan Migration to apply Canada work permit visa from Dubai, UAE?

At MapleCan Migration, we are the most reliable and trusted immigration consultants for acquiring work permit Canada in Dubai. With vast experience in all types of documentation and immigration services for Canada work permit visa, we provide accurate assistance, step by step guidance and end to end solutions to skilled applicants in Dubai and help them prepare a sound visa application in tandem with the immigration rules of Canada. Besides this, we offer fully tailored and customized immigration solutions for Canada work permit visas and help our clients get their work permits from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Canada approved effortlessly. We have a team of certified, highly professional and dedicated consultants who actively work towards fulfilling their promises leaving customers happy and satisfied. They know exactly what one expects from visa consultants and strive to work accordingly to deliver on the expected results. At MapleCan Migration, we understand that obtaining a work permit in Canada isn't an easy process. Having a sound knowledge of visa documentation and procedures, we help you breathe fresh air into your Canada work permit visa application thus making your immigration journey a smooth affair. Being reliable and trusted immigration consultants in Dubai, we understand the unique requirements of applicants for immigration and Canada work permit from Dubai. We offer customized, prompt and end to end solutions to the applicants while streamlining all the processes to turn their dream into a sweet reality. We fully understand the concepts of immigration including laws, procedures etc. and help candidates handle the most challenging aspects of work visa processing and approvals. Till now we have gained the trust of a large clientele who thank us for helping them fulfill their dream to work in Canada and an easy and smooth journey to work visa permits. Here’s how we make Canada work permit application an easy and swift affair.

  • We maintain utmost transparency in all our immigration consultancy services. To begin with, we will check if you are eligible to apply for a temporary Canada work permit visa and shall guide you accordingly
  • We make sure you have all the necessary documents for a Canada work permit. Once you have all the documents in place, we will dedicatedly help you prepare an accurate and sound application to help you successfully procure your work permit visa
  • We follow the right and robust processes and help you file your visa application with greater confidence.
  • We use technology oriented processes to expedite and simplify Canada work visa processing time.
  • We are backed by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who possess in-depth knowledge about Canada work permit requirements and processes.
  • We assign a dedicated work visa consultant to you who will work with you, guide you through the entire process and answer all your queries.
  • We deliver services as committed and provide end to end and comprehensive solutions to take stress off your shoulders.
  • We strive to speed up and fast track both application and canada work permit processing time bringing you closer to your dream job abroad.

Canada Work Permit Requirements

Foreign skilled workers looking to work in Canada may require a work permit to enter Canada. If you have a valid job offer and LMIA document of approval (it is required for some applicants) at hand, you may be eligible to apply for a Canada work permit visa. While this is the foremost requirement, you are required to fulfill below general eligibility requirements as well in order to acquire your work permit visa.

  • Give proof to an officer that on the expiry of your Work Permit Canada, you will no longer stay in Canada and leave Canada
  • You need to present documents to prove that you are financially sound and have enough funds to support yourself and your family during your stay in Canada
  • You have no criminal offence on your record and you are not a danger to Canada’s security. To prove this, you will need submit a police clearance certificate to the concerned authorities
  • Employers listed as ineligible cannot hire a temporary worker through either the Temporary Foreign Worker Program or the International Mobility Program. You will have to prove that you have no plans to work for an employer who has been listed as ineligible by the government because they failed to comply with the conditions
  • You need to prove that you have no plans to work for an employer who offers erotic dance, escort services, striptease, or erotic massages on a regular basis
  • You are in good health and do not have any serious medical issues. Take a medical exam if required and send your medical exam results to confirm about your health status
  • You may need to present a variety of documents to apply for a work permit Canada. You must be ready with all the documents so that when any document is demanded by officers to qualify your entry to Canada, it is readily available.
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Canada Work Permit Visa Processing Time

To acquire a work permit to work legally in Canada, you need to have a valid offer of employment from a Canadian employer. Before this, the employer must apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) who will decide whether the employer can hire a foreign worker to fill the vacant position. Once the employer has acquired a positive LMIA, the LMIA approval letter needs to be sent to the foreign national along with the job offer. Once the skilled worker has the job offer at hand, he can apply for a Canada work permit visa. If all goes well, he may be granted a Temporary Work Permit Canada by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). When applying from the Middle East, the skilled applicant might have to wait for around 24 weeks to acquire the work permit visa successfully.

At MapleCan Migration, we understand that you are eager to start your professional life in Canada. We follow the right systems and processes to enable hassle free Canada work permit processing. Backed by a highly experienced team of immigration consultants and legal representatives for Canada, we blend our best competencies and skills to get you your Canada work permit visa effortlessly and as fast as possible.

While your career goals don't have limits, acquiring a Canada work permit visa successfully isn't an easy feat. There are various challenges that skilled foreign workers might face with their work visas apart from meeting the specific requirements and stipulations. Also the challenges faced while work permit processing vary from individual to individual which means the journey of each aspirant is unique and never the same. At MapleCan Migration, we give personal attention to each application and help them solve challenges differently. As we provide end to end support, advice and legal help for obtaining work visa permits as smoothly and fast as possible, we give wings to your ambition and fuel your spirit.

Are you eligible for a work permit in Canada?

The Canada work permit visa is designed for business people, permanent workers, temporary workers, students and others who want to work in Canada. You are eligible for a work permit Canada if you have the offer of employment or employment contract from a Canadian employer. However, the employer also must acquire an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) which will grant the employer permission to recruit foreign skilled workers for the present occupation. The LMIA is granted only if the position cannot be filled in by citizens or permanent residents of Canada. Entering Canada to work temporarily with the help of a work visa is easier when you have the support of a Canadian employer. If you are from Dubai and have landed a job in Canada and are now planning to migrate to Canada using a work visa, MapleCan Migration can help. We provide end-to-end overseas career solutions and turn the most important decision of your life into a reality. If you want to apply for Canada work permit from Dubai, we are there to extend comprehensive support to aspirant skilled candidates. Right from accurate documentation and properly completed forms to smooth visa processing, we take care of all the details and strive to make your immigration journey a lot easier.

How to Apply for a Canada Work Visa

Canada is a prime destination for many skilled immigrants who are seeking high paying employment opportunities. Also, due to reasons like cultural diversity, quality living etc, the demand for work permit Canada is quite high. The foreign national will first require a job offer at hand in order to apply for a Canadian work permit. Usually, it's a four step process as below where the employer may also require some necessary approvals.

Step 1: The employer applies for labour market opinion (if necessary)
Step 2: Upon receiving a positive LMIA, the employer sends the temporary job offer and LMIA document to the foreign worker
Step 3: The foreign Skilled Worker applies for a work permit

Step 4. A Temporary Work Permit will be issued by Canada

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