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Quebec Immigration Points Calculator 2020

Quebec is one of the best destinations in Canada for immigration. To qualify for the ‘Quebec Skilled Worker Program’ or QSWP, you should have at least 50 points out of 100 if you are a single/unmarried applicant and 59 out of 100 if married. The applications will be judged based on numerous factors that include education level, work experience, age of the applicant, language proficiency, validated employment offer, area of training, stay or/and family in Quebec i.e. common-law partner or spouse factors, presence of accompanying kids, and financial self-sufficiency. You must note down that the criteria for the applications are subject to change from time-to-time at any time. Hence, it is mandatory to stay up-to-date with the latest rules of the immigration process.

Fundamental Factors of Manitoba Points Calculator

This is the best, highly popular, and pioneering immigration program for skilled workers in Canada. If you are having skills matching the profile of in-demand occupations listed by the National Occupations Classification (NOC) in Quebec, then you can come to us to apply for a Canadian PR visa after receiving an Invitation to Apply or ITA from the immigration authorities of Quebec.

Eligibility for the Quebec Skilled Worker Point System

If you have applied for the general ‘Federal Skilled Workers Program’ and selected, then you will get a Quebec Selection Certificate. Once you have the certificate, you will be able to apply for a Canadian PR visa and start your preparations to move to your dreamland. When you arrive in the region, you will have to undergo a police clearance exam and medical test. And only after which you can get your Canadian PR card. When it comes to the points required (already mentioned above), bachelors will need 50 points out of 100 whereas married should score at least 59.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program’s Points Calculator

Just like any other immigration program or Express Entry program, this one is also based on the occupations and skills categorized by the NOC. Those skills should be as per the in-demand jobs. This outlines the whole immigration scheme for this beautiful Canadian province. Apart from this, many other factors should be taken into account while assessing the viability of an applicant for entry into Quebec with a Canadian PR visa.

  • Education Level
  • Area of Training
  • Validated Job Offer
  • Work Experience
  • Age of the Applicant
  • Language Skills or Proficiency
  • Stay and Family Members in Quebec
  • Common-Law Partner or Spouse Characteristic
  • Presence of Accompanying Kids
  • Financial Self-Sufficiency

Before diving into deep, look at the points allocated to each of these facets given in the table below:

Factors Points
Education Level Up to 14 (cutoff score is 2)
Area of Training Up to 12
Validated Job Offer Up to 10
Work Experience Up to 8
Age of the Applicant Up to 16
Language Skills or Proficiency Up to 22
Stay And Family Members in Quebec Up to 8
Common-Law Partner or Spouse Characteristics Up to 17
Presence of Accompanying Kids Up to 8
Financial Self-Sufficiency 1

Now take a look at the factor-wise points system of this immigration program:

Factor 1: Education Level
Education/Degree Points
Secondary School (General Diploma) 2
Secondary School (Vocational Diploma) 6
Post-Secondary School General Diploma with 2 Years of Full-Time Studies 4
Post-Secondary School Technical Diploma with 1–2 Years of Full-Time Studies 6
Post-Secondary School Technical Diploma with 3 Years of Full-Time Studies 8
UG Diploma with at least 1 or More Years of Full-Time Studies 4
UG Diploma with at least 2 or More Years of Full-Time Studies 6
UG Diploma with at least 3 or More Years of Full-Time Studies 10
Master’s Degree 12
Ph.D. 14
Factor 1: Area of Training
Training Points
Section A of the Areas 12
Section B of the Areas 9
Section C of the Areas 6
Section D of the Areas 2
Section E, F, or G of the Areas 0
Factor 3: Validated Job Offer
Criteria Points
Validated job offer in the metropolitan area of Montreal 8
Validated job offer outside the metropolitan area of Montreal 10
Factor 4: Work Experience
Experience (in months) Points
6 months and below 0
6 to 11 months 4
12 to 23 months 4
24 to 35 months 6
36 to 47 months 6
48 months and more 8
Factor 5: Age of the Applicant
Age (in years) Points
18-35 16
36 14
37 12
38 10
39 8
40 6
41 4
42 2
43 or older 0
Factor 6: Language Skills and Proficiency
French Language
Proficiency Points for Low Beginner (A1) Points for High Beginner (A2) Points for Low Intermediate (B1) Points for High Intermediate (B2) Points for Advanced (C1) Points for Advanced (C2)
Listening 0 0 0 5 6 7
Speaking 0 0 0 5 6 7
Reading 0 0 0 1 1 1
Writing 0 0 0 1 1 1
Factor 7: Stay and Family Members in Quebec
Criteria Points
Full-time work or study for a minimum period of 3 months or more 5
Full-time work or study for a minimum period of 6 months or more 5
Participant in ‘Working Holiday Visa Program’ with work experience of at least 3 months or more 5
Other stays for not less than 2 weeks and not more 3 months 1
Other stays for more than 3 months 2
Family Members in Quebec
Type of Relationship Points
Spouse or common-law partner 3
Daughter or son, mother or father, or sister or brother 3
Grandmother or grandfather 3
Aunt or uncle, niece or nephew, or cousin 0

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Application Fees

If you are applying under this QSWP for immigration, then you will have to pay the following amount as a fee:

  • Principal Applicant: CAD 779
  • Spouse or Common-Law Partner: CAD 167
  • Each Dependent Child: CAD 167

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