Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program | OINP Express Entry Draw

OINP- Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario is a multicultural and one of the most populous province of Canada. It is located in Central Canada and known for offering world- class experiences to its travellers and residents. Ontario is one of the most welcoming destinations for professionals and skilled workers immigrating from across the globe. Its thriving economy is constituted with a unique amalgamation of manufacturing expertise, exports and resources. Driven by innovation, Ontario is a home to almost 50% of the employees working in high-tech and financial sectors.

Foreign workers or professionals, international students and entrepreneurs from outside the Canada can attain permanent residence in Ontario through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). It is one of the most dynamic Provincial Nominee Programs of Canada that works in partnership with the government of Ontario and allows it to nominate individuals for immigration to the province.

Broadly, there are three streams that are designed for a smooth immigration process:

  • Human Capital Category
  • Employer Job Offer Category
  • Business Category

The OINP nominates individuals who have certain experiences that the economy of Ontario needs. After receiving provincial nomination, the prospective immigrants can easily apply for Canada’s permanent residence with the government.

Major Immigration Categories for OINP

The nomination for OINP can be qualified under the following major categories:

Human Capital Category

The OINP Human Capital Category is for the workers possessing valuable work experience, education and language skills. The category is divided into two major profiles that includes Ontario's Express Entry streams and the International Graduates streams.

The Ontario Express Entry Streams are associated with the government’s Express Entry selection system. Candidates are eligible to apply under this stream only if they have received an invitation to apply for the OINP or they have an active profile in the Express Entry Stream. The category is further subdivided into three different streams:

  1. Ontario Express Entry (Human Capital Priorities Stream): Under this category, OINP nominates the individuals who have required education, skilled work experience, language ability, and are eligible to enter the federal Express Entry Pool.
  2. Ontario Express Entry (French- Speaking Skilled Worker Stream): This category allows the government to nominate French – Speaking candidates who possess strong English language abilities, education, skilled work experience, language ability and are Express Entry candidates.
  3. Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream: This category is specific for targeting tradespersons who have an ongoing or any recent work experience in Ontario.
  4. The International Graduates Stream is specific for international students who have obtained a master's or a doctoral degree from a recognised Ontario University. It is further divided into two main streams: Masters Graduate Stream and PhD Graduate Stream.
  5. Masters Graduate Stream: This stream is specific for the students from outside Canada who have recently graduated with a master’s degree from a recognised Ontario university.
  6. PhD Graduate Stream: This stream is specific for the students from outside Canada who have recently graduated in PhD program from a recognised Ontario University.

Employer offer category

The OINP Employer category is for the skilled workers and professionals who already have a job offer from a registered employer in Ontario. Through International Students Stream, the employers in Ontario can also nominate workers from outside of Canada having a permanent job offer in the province. The OINP Employer Offer category is further divided into three major streams:

  1. Foreign Worker Stream: This stream is specific for the foreign workers who have a job offer in a skilled occupation in Ontario and have the capability to settle and work in the province.
  2. International Student Stream: This stream targets the international students with job offer in Ontario and they can settle and work as a permanent residence in the province.
  3. In-Demand Skills Stream: This stream is specific for skilled workers in or outside of Canada with a job offer in specialised in-demand occupation such as agriculture, construction, trucking, and have the capability to settle and work in the province.

Business Category

The OINP Business Category targets the entrepreneurs from outside of Canada who have capabilities and experience in establishing a new business or help an existing business in Ontario to grow. The category is subdivided into two major streams:

  1. Entrepreneur stream: Under this stream, individuals who are planning to implement a new business idea or buy an existing business in Ontario will be nominated for permanent residence in Canada.
  2. Corporate stream: It helps the international corporations to expand their business in Ontario or buy an existing business to contribute to the province’s economy.
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