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Federal Trade Worker Program

Federal Trade Worker Program, also known as Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) is a pathway for foreign workers to work and settle in Canada as permanent residents. The immigration program targets the candidates experienced in a skilled trade. Under Federal Skilled Trades Program, the candidate needs to demonstrate an expression of interest to enter the Express Entry selection pool.

As per the FSTC standards, candidates will need to have an official job offer or certificate of qualification from a recognised employer to further apply for Canadian PR.

Eligibility Criteria for Federal Trade Worker Program

1. Job offer / qualification: The candidates must have a valid job offer for permanent or full-time employment, constituting at least 30 hours a week or 1-year OR a certificate of qualification from a recognised body.

2. Language Proficiency: The candidates need to demonstrate their language ability from an official language testing organization. They need to meet the Canadian Level Benchmark - CLB level 5 for speaking and listening and CLB level 4 for reading and writing.

3. Work Experience: The candidates must have 2 years of full-time work experience in the skilled trade for successful application.

4. Skills: The candidates need to present skills and experience as a proof that they have performed the essential duties at work.

Skilled occupation under National Occupational Classification (NOC):
Group Occupation
A. Major Group 72



Construction trades

B. Major Group 73


Equipment operation trades

C. Major Group 82

Supervisors and technical jobs in the following categories: Natural Resources; Agriculture; and Related production

D. Major Group 92



Utilities supervisors

Central control operators

E. Minor Group 632



F. Minor Group 633



The above eligibility and list of occupations under NOC list for Federal Trade Worker Program is applicable in all Canadian provinces except Quebec. If you are planning to reside in Quebec, you must understand the requirement of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Frequently ask
What is the basic application process of Federal Trade Worker Program?

The immigration process through Federal Trade Worker Program starts with Express Entry profile. The candidates need to create a profile according to their eligibility. This helps the government / IRCC in ranking the candidates by providing them CRS points according to the selection factors such as Job offer, Work experience, Language ability, Education and skills and experience. Candidates with high rank or CRS points receive an ITA from IRCC for Canadian PR.

What is standard application processing time?

The standard time for application processing is Six months.

What is the settlement funds requirement under Federal Trade Worker Program?

The candidates applying through Federal Trade Worker Program require settlement funds depending upon the size of the family. A single applicant requires $12,669 as settlement funds, $33,528 for a family of 7 members and $3,414 for each additional family member.

What is the list of documents required for identification of family members?

Apart from the documents to support eligibility criteria, the candidate and their family members should have a valid passport for travel.

What are the major factors that can hinder the Canada admissibility process?

The medical and criminal record of the candidate or their accompanying family members can hinder the admissibility to Canada. If the candidate or their family member has committed a crime in their home country or have been convicted of, will be inadmissible to Canada. Additionally, if the health of the candidate can pose a serious risk to the health of Canadian public or require excessive demand of Canadian health services, they will be inadmissible to Canada.

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