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Canada CRS Calculator Tool to calculate Express Entry Points

The Comprehensive Ranking System is used by the Canadian Government or IRCC department (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). It is a merit-based points system which is used to assess the profile of immigration candidates sent via Express Entry pool. The score is evaluated and assigned to each candidate on the basis of certain factors in order to rank them for seamless immigration process.

If you are planning to apply for Canadian permanent residence, it is pivotal to calculate your points in CRS. Every fortnight, the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) launches a draw to select candidates with highest points in CRS. The IRCC releases the minimum points required for every draw which makes it necessary for the candidates to be familiar with their CRS points. Subsequently, the highest scoring candidates are invited to further apply for Canadian PR.

Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator: Calculate Your Ranking Score in the Express Entry Pool

The CRS calculator is a unique tool that helps in estimating the comprehensive ranking system score for Express Entry Immigration System. Anyone eligible for one of the Express Entry Programs or haven’t registered themselves for Express Entry system, can use this tool to estimate their score. Moreover, if anyone has already applied for Canadian PR but wish to make changes in their profile to the factors that could improve their score can also use this tool.

How many CRS points do you have? Find out now.

Education(Maximum 25 Points)

  • NOC 2011 Skill Level A, an licensed by a provincial regulatory body (Degree must be secured in Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Optometry, Law, Chiropractic Medicine, or Pharmacy

English Skills(Maximum 24 Point)


Experience(Maximum 15 Points)

Age(Maximum 12 Points)

Adaptability(Maximum 10 Points)

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Disclaimer: The above CSR calculator is for reference and guidance purpose only. We believe in providing transparent and genuine information to our users. However, inaccuracy might occur as per the revisions in the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System. For detailed information or accuracy, please connect with our immigration counselling experts.

Significant factors for calculating CRS points

The CRS operates on the basis of Express Entry system of immigration. It is an online system where immigration candidates can create and submit their profile for further evaluation. It can be calculated by using the above CRS calculator to know the CRS score. Following are the significant factors on the basis of which CRS ranks the eligible candidates for immigration:

  • Core Human Capital Factors
  • Accompanying Spouse or Common Law- Partner
  • Skill Transferability Factors
  • Factors relating to Provincial Nomination (such as Sibling living in Canada, French Language Skills, Education, Employment and PN nomination)

The total of all sections in the CRS is 1200 points.

Important to know: If your spouse is not accompanying you to Canada or they are already residing as a permanent citizen of Canada, you will earn points differently.

Maximum points available for immigration candidates in Express Entry System
Factors Maximum Points
A. Core Human Capital Factors

With Spouse – 460

Without Spouse- 500

B. Spouse or Common Law- Partner 40
C. Skill Transferability Factors 100
D. Factors relating to Provincial Nomination 600
Total Points 1200
Maximum points available in Core Human Capital Factors
Factors Points
(With a spouse or common-law partner)
(Without a spouse or common-law partner)
Age 100 110
Level of education 140 150
Official languages proficiency 150 160
Canadian work experience 70 80
Maximum 460 500
Maximum points available in Spouse or Common Law- Partner Factor
Factors Points
Level of education 10
Official language proficiency 20
Canadian Work Experience 10
Maximum 40
Maximum points available in Skill Transferability Factor
Factors Points
With good/strong official languages proficiency and a post-secondary degree 50
With Canadian work experience and a post-secondary degree 50
Maximum 50
Foreign work experience
With good/strong official languages proficiency (Canadian Language Benchmark [CLB] level 7 or higher) and foreign work experience 50
With Canadian work experience and foreign work experience 50
Maximum 50
Certificate of qualification (for people in trade occupations)
With good/strong official languages proficiency and a certificate of qualification 50
Maximum 50
Maximum 100
Maximum points available in Factors related to Provincial Nomination
Factors Maximum Points
Brother or sister living in Canada (citizen or permanent resident) 15
French language skills 30
Post-secondary education in Canada 30
Arranged employment 200
PN nomination 600
Maximum 600
Frequently ask
What is the minimum CRS score requirement to receive invitation to apply for Canadian PR?

The IRCC releases a fresh cut off for CRS points on every express entry draw. It is necessary to have a score close to 460 mark to be close to the cut-off list. As per the Express Entry draw in January 2020, the minimum score for CRS was 473 points.

What are the major factors affecting the CRS cut offs in the Express Entry draw?

There are several factors that affect the CRS cut-off in Express Entry draw. The minimum score points come down if the number of candidates in the Express Entry draw is high. Also, if there is a long gap in two consecutive draws, the score cut-off will ultimately go higher than expected.

Can I still apply for Canadian PR, if I my Express Entry score is low?

Yes, in case you haven’t received the invitation for Canadian PR due to low CRS score, you can still apply through the Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Almost every province has their own market labour needs for which they require skilled and talented foreign nationals to work and settle in that province. It is considered as one of the best ways to raise your CRS points.

How can I earn extra points for educational qualification?

Enhancing your educational qualification can help in securing extra points in the CRS score. For example, instead of holding a graduate degree, you can get a Master’s or Doctoral degree to earn better points.

What are the other factors that can help in securing extra points?

There are many factors that help in securing extra points in Express Entry pool such as sibling living in Canada, permanent / full-time job offer from a Canadian employer, language proficiency and work experience. These factors add more value to your Express Entry profile and help in securing more points in CRS score.

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