Why Is It Tough to Get Permanent Residence in Australia?

Why Is It Tough to Get Permanent Residence in Australia?

Australia is one of the top-rated destinations to immigrate to. A large number of people immigrate to Australia for new career opportunities, a better lifestyle, and better wages. It has been witnessed by the experts that it is not easy to get permanent residence in Australia at the moment. Earlier it was not that tough to acquire a PR visa. The latest alteration in the immigration policy of Australia is the key reason behind this change.

It is pretty tough to get permanent residence in Australia nowadays due to many other reasons and factors. In Australia, the percentage of migrants is increasing swiftly, and they are working in various industries. The local population has also risen notably taking price rates of property to a greater height. A list of stricter rules and regulations has been implemented by the Department of Home Affairs. These are making permanent residence for Australia a bit tougher than ever.

Numerous Categories of Acquiring PR in Australia

Australia provided the lowest permanent resident visas in a decade in 2018 -2019. Moreover, Australia has divided its permanent resident visa procedure into various categories. These categories are helpful to know since they’ll aid you to identify the stream or group that’ll aid you in moving to Australia. Family stream and skill stream are the two broad streams. Let us learn about the two streams briefly.

1.      Family Stream

This stream is applicable to these relations of a permanent resident of Australia or eligible NZ citizen:

  • Parents
  • Spouse or partner
  • Other family members
  • Adopted children or the children who are in the process of getting adopted
  • Legal guardians

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2.      Skill stream

Due to the increase in the education levels, this stream has become very popular to get you PR in Australia. It gets further divided into various categories. These are:

  • Subclass 190
  • Subclass 890
  • Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
  • Subclass 491
  • Subclass 489
  • Subclass 132

In case you have the eligibility requirements in position, the experts consider this among the most accessible ways to acquire a PR visa. This visa lets the holder live within Australia for life. You are allowed to sponsor eligible family members to the country.

How Can Australia PR Visa Consultants in Bahrain Aid You in Getting PR in Australia?

If you have any queries about the PR visa process, you must reach out to the best visa consultants in the city. They are professional and have years of expertise in the immigration field. Besides, they can give you the right expert advice in order to get you your PR visa in Australia in no time.

A trusted and reliable immigration consultancy will be 100 percent to make the Australia Permanent Residency Visa application procedure much easier.

Since it is a little tough to attain permanent residence in Australia, it is recommended that applicants make a professional or academic career that meets the country’s conditions. The road to PR will become easier if you are able to offer value to the nation as a citizen through your skills and expertise.


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