US Cities with the Most Immigrants

US Cities with the Most Immigrants

The US has a population of more than 48 million immigrants. Basically, immigration or migration is the international movement of individuals from their homeland to a new state or country.

The prevailing US government restriction on immigrants and anti-immigrants sentiments and phrases has left quite a few expats feeling uninvited in numerous US cities. But, other cities are disregarding these directives and warmly invite expats. If you are outside the US and want to immigrate, contact the most reputed US Immigration Consultants in Dubai for a stress-free immigration process.

Following are the top cities in the United States with the most immigrants:

  1. Jersey City

Apart from being the 2nd most populated city in New Jersey, Jersey City is also among the top US cities with maximum immigrants. This city is also among the most ethnically diverse cities globally. Also, it is the main entrance for migration into the United States and is near New York City.

In Jersey City, you can find Asian Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Filipino Americans, Puerto Ricans, Latin Americans, and Indian Americans.

  1. Miami

Miami is a major city in the state of Florida, and it is in the second position in the list of US cities with the highest immigrant population. The immigrant population of Miami is about 58 percent. Moreover, it is the largest city having a Cuban American majority.

  1. Fremont

As per the American Community Survey of the United States Census, Fremont is at the 3rd position in the list of US cities with the most migrants. The population of immigrants in this city in California is about 47.5 percent of the total population. Also, this city has a swiftly increasing population of around 230000. In terms of area, this Californian city is the fourth most populated city within the San Francisco Bay Area. Nearly 50 percent of the population of this town has people of Asian origin.

  1. Hialeah

The city of Hialeah comprises the highest immigrant population in the entire country. The immigrant percentage of this city is around 74.4 percent of the total population. Also, it is often regarded as part of Miami city. Hialeah has the highest Cuban and Cuban American population (about 73.3 percent) compared to any other US city.

  1. New York City

New York City is well-known for being the entryway for immigrants visiting the United States. Therefore, it is pretty surprising that New York City is among the top US cities with the most immigrants. The city has made definite rules and regulations that help expats directed by a government that makes it their objective to give them equal opportunities.

  1. Portland

The city of Portland is famous for its artistic and tranquil environment. But, it really thinks about the well-being of its immigrants. The laws of inclusivity and empowerment make Portland a great place for immigrants, although it can be a bit weird at times.

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