Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia in 2020

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia in 2020

When it comes to career opportunities, Australia is one of the best destinations as it has so many factors in its support. A thriving yet stable economy along with a high GDP per capita, Australia is offering several options of work visa to skilled workers. In addition to these, this beautiful country offers its citizens and residents an attractive lifestyle, access to a world-class education, and high-profile job roles. This is one of the reasons why Australia is always a migrant-friendly country. Many skilled workers apply for a work permit or work visa every year. However, the best way to apply for a work visa is through the Skilled Migration Program. Under this skilled workers program, occupations that are high in-demand in the country are listed in the Skilled Occupation List or SOL.

This list is updated by the Department of Home Affairs after a regular interval. When it comes to the current list, it has over 200 in-demand occupations. The main purpose of this list is to help skilled workers find the most relevant opportunity and contribute to the country’s economy. If you are also planning to move to Australia for better work opportunities and career enhancement, then do not worry. In this post, we will list down the top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia for 2020.

So, let us get started!

#1 IT System Architects

These are the professionals responsible for designing, constructing, and testing the internal IT networks of firms. This particular job role needs a higher level of technical knowledge and expertise, and thus commands a handsome salary. If you are suitable for this job role and have everything needed to work as an IT system architect, then you can even get an average salary of up to AUD 139,690.

#2 Engineering Managers

Salary for engineers greatly depends on the discipline they work in, but engineering managers can command high salaries without any hassle particularly those belonging to energy, gas, or oil sectors. Apart from this, mining engineers and chemical engineers are also paid well. And when it comes to average salary, you can earn up to AUD 132, 350 as an engineering manager.

#3 IT Managers

Since technology is playing a significant role in every sector, IT managers will have more important tasks to do in the future. These professionals will be needed even more to establish a balance between the development of the business and technical expertise. It is because these professionals are expected to be good at understanding the precise needs of the organizations and suggest the ways to use the technology to meet the goals. If you are working as an IT manager in Australia, then you can earn up to AUD 125,660.

#4 IT Security Architects

Companies now count on data to run their business successfully. So, this data should be compiled and stored in the digital format with the utmost care. Additionally, it has to be protected from those snoopy eyes trying to steal the data to fulfill their nasty goals. And cybersecurity or IT security architect will be needed for this work. A good and skilled professional can take up to AUD 124,190 (average) as a salary to his home.

#5 Analytics Managers

As we have already mentioned earlier that businesses are more and more relying on data to conduct the organizations, analytics managers will be in high-demand to supervise teams of scientists and data analytics who manage the data. By joining a company as an analytics manager, you can earn up to AUD 118,820 on an average.

#6 Cloud Engineers

The use of cloud technology is increasing with each passing day. This is one of the reasons the job of cloud engineers will be in high-demand in 2020 as well. In Australia, companies will need professionals who can build, maintain, and supervise cloud systems. A cloud engineer can earn an average salary of AUD 111,590 by joining an Australian company.

#7 Construction Managers

The construction sector is one of the most booming sectors in Australia. Hence, the demand for skilled construction managers will be there who can manage contractors on-site and work closely with suppliers, architects, surveyors, etc. You can get an average salary of AUD 111,390 by working as a construction manager in Australia.

#8 Well-Being Managers

It is one of the newest professions in the list of ‘in-demand occupations’. Today, organizations and businesses are quite keen to take care of the physical as well as mental health of their staff members. And to manage the task, they hire a wellbeing manager. You can take a handsome amount of AUD 110,520 by working as a wellbeing manager.

#9 Doctors

This point-based system makes Australia a perfect destination for medical and healthcare professionals. With one of the best healthcare facilities in the whole world, as a doctor or medical professional, the sky is the limit for you. Additionally, you can get an average salary of AUD 103,400 by working here.

#10 Data Scientists

The responsibilities of a data scientist include managing countless data of the companies and presenting it in a way that it can easily be understood. If you want to work as a data scientist in Australia, you must know programming languages such as Python along with a strong background in computer science and mathematics.

So, these are the top 10 professions that will have high-demand and command a decent salary in 2020. Do not look here and there, just apply through this Skilled Migration Program to find your dream job in Australia for an enhanced lifestyle and better tomorrow.

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