The Best Way to Attain PR in New Zealand

The Best Way to Attain PR in New Zealand

Residence and permanent residence are two different things. A PR visa is generally the natural outcome of a resident permit. There are travel conditions on resident permits that just let an individual re-enter New Zealand as a resident until a specific date. On the other hand, a PR visa allows unlimited re-entry to NZ.

The date your resident visa terminates is either the date you left NZ, the day following the date your travel conditions expired or if you were not in NZ while your travel conditions expired.

Therefore, if you have been out of NZ following the termination of your travel conditions, your resident visa has been terminated, as well. If you aim to travel out of NZ following the termination of your travel conditions, you have to apply for a PR visa for regaining your resident status.

Getting a PR in New Zealand lets you stay, work, or study within NZ indefinitely and offers you a majority of the privileges of a legal NZ resident.

Can I Apply for a New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa?

Earlier, for students, it was easier to get Permanent Residence in New Zealand. However, now it is pretty tough. You can qualify for permanent residence if you have held your resident visa for a minimum of 2 years or have complied with any of the requirements of your resident visa.

In case you don’t comply with any of these requirements, you might still qualify to lengthen the travel conditions on your resident visa. This would permit you a prolonged period to come back to NZ as a resident.

If you are out of NZ with no valid travel conditions letting you come back as a resident, your resident permit has terminated. But, in some instances, it is probable to get a PR permit or new resident permit if you have not been out of NZ for long.

How to Get a Permanent Residence Visa Immigration Investment?

There are a couple of ways to get PR in New Zealand via immigration investment. If you have held a permanent residency, you can be eligible for NZ citizenship after five years. There is no instant or direct citizenship through investment programs. Permanent Residency in NZ is for life, making it one of the key benefits of holding a PR visa.

Categories of New Zealand investor visa:

1.      Investor 1 visa

2.      Investor 2 visa

An investment of 10,000,000 NZ Dollars for 3 years is required for investor 1 visa. Whereas an investment of 3,000,000 NZ Dollars for 4 years is required for investor 2.

Benefits of holding a PR visa in New Zealand

1.      You can live in NZ for an indefinite period.

2.      It allows access to New Zealand healthcare.

3.      It lets you exit and return to NZ as a resident on a permanent basis.

4.      You can get a chance to study in any NZ school or university.

If you plan to become a permanent resident of NZ, you should seek trusted PR Visa consultant requirements in the city.

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