Significant Benefit Work Permit For Canada: Who Can Apply And How To Apply?

Significant Benefit Work Permit For Canada

A Significant Benefit Work Permit is granted to those foreign nationals who can demonstrate to the Canadian government that their immigration to Canada would generate significant social, cultural or economic benefit to the Canadian society helping stimulate economic growth. Unlike most other work permits, those who apply for a significant benefit work permit may be able to work in Canada on a special work permit without the employer needing to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment, or LMIA from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)/Service Canada.

For example, if you are planning to establish a business in Canada for which Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents will be recruited or trained, you may qualify for significant work permit benefits and may be exempt from LMIA.


Foreign nationals such as artists, entrepreneurs, foreign workers, and investors, among other individuals, are eligible to apply for the significant benefit work permit because they bring with them economic, cultural, and social benefits. There are 4 categories to choose from in order to apply for a significant benefit work permit and immigrate to Canada.


Foreign skilled workers looking to work in Canada may require a work permit to enter Canada. If you have a valid job offer and LMIA document of approval (it is required for some applicants) at hand, you may be eligible to apply for a Canada work permit visa. While this is the foremost requirement, you are required to fulfill below general eligibility requirements as well in order to acquire your work permit visa.

1. The Intra-Company Transferee

This category is for those individuals who work in international companies that have Canadian branches or subsidiaries. In this scenario, the foreign company can easily and temporarily transfer qualified employees to Canada for improving management effectiveness, increasing Canadian exports, and boosting overall performance of the company in overseas markets. It goes without saying that applicants must also meet all job qualifications for the position being offered in Canada.

2. Canadian Interests

Foreign workers such as artists, musicians, street performers (buskers), traveling circus performers, wrestlers from renowned groups, air show performers, etc who offer a significant social or cultural benefit to Canada fall under the Canadian Interests category. They may be able to come to Canada without a Labour Market Impact Assessment, or LMIA. However, the applicants must demonstrate that their entry into Canada will be in the best interest of Canada as they intend to bring awareness of important subjects in Canada.

3. Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Candidates

This category focuses on Entrepreneur or Self-Employed Candidates seeking entry in Canada to operate and launch their own business in Canada. Such applicants will have to prove to an immigration officer that their business would generate an economic, social, or cultural impact in the country and provide significant benefits to Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

4. Emergency Repairs

This work permit category is designed for commercial and industrial equipment repairers. However, a significant benefit work permit is granted only in emergency situations which require urgent servicing of commercial and industrial equipment in Canada to prevent the disruption of employment in Canada.

How to Apply For A Significant Benefit Work Permit?

If you are a foreign national who is planning to apply for a significant benefit work permit in Canada, you will need various documents such as academic, professional etc to submit along with your application. Compile all your documents at one place to facilitate a faster application process.

You will have to demonstrate to the Canadian government that you qualify for a significant benefit work permit and your entry in Canada would generate significant benefits to the Canadian society. To prove your mettle, you will need to submit relevant proofs and documents along with your application. In particular, the government of Canada offers this work permit under the International Mobility Program or IMP. The impact on the Canadian labor market is seriously taken into consideration at the time of granting the significant benefit work permit approval to the candidate.

What All Documents Do I Need To Apply For A Significant Benefit Work Permit?

Acquiring a significant benefit work visa and moving to one of the most liveable countries like Canada effortlessly might sound like an accomplishment. However, the applicant is required to be a step ahead in the competition and must be extremely successful in their field. A peep into their track record should reflect that they are able and experienced/enough to significantly contribute to Canada socially, economically, or culturally.

Below are the documents that you need to apply for Significant Benefit Work Permit

Academic qualifications

An official proof that you have a degree, diploma, certificate, or similar award from a college, university, school, or other educational institutions relating to your skills and abilities

Professional expertise

  1. Evidence of significant full-time experience from current or former employers. The experience must be relevant that syncs with the experience and skills required for the offered role in Canada
  2. Evidence of work history to prove that you led the organization and played a vital role during challenging times

Contributions and awards

  1. Evidence of receiving any national or international awards or recognition
  2. Evidence of significant contributions and achievements to governmental organizations, or business associations.
  3. Evidence of scientific or scholarly contributions such as published research papers, books, or articles related to the offered position Others Evidence of acting as a judge of the works of others in their field

The list isn't inclusive but it can help you have an idea about the eligibility requirements and the documentation needed for getting a significant benefit work visa successfully. The final assessment and approval shall depend on an immigration officer's review.

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