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New Zealand Immigration Guidelines And Scope Of Assistance

Immigration is one the biggest decision for students, skilled workers and professionals planning to settle abroad. But, when it comes to following the guidelines ruled out by the country, a proper mechanism has to be understood. So, if you have recently decided to pursue with permanent residency in New Zealand, then, here’s something you should know in terms of immigration.

An immigration officer is acquainted with New Zealand immigration guidelines, hence, in order to approve your application, points are rewarded by him on different grounds. It is essential to secure at least 100 points in order to meet the criteria set for immigration. Expression of interest which you submit for permanent residency is evaluated in a systematic manner, wherein, each aspect is assessed with utmost precision. Following are some of the points to be kept in mind while submitting evidence of skilled employment offer or any other purpose of migrating to New Zealand:

Identity and character

Prior to departing for New Zealand, intentions of traveling, supporting evidence, legal bona fide and other documents have to be produced. In terms of character, the requirements for character for PR visa have to be met with otherwise, the application can be declined. Good character certificate has to be submitted by you for permanent visas and the certificate should be attested by police.

You need to inform police about your immigration plans in order to obtain good character certificate. This certificate has to be thereafter, submitted to immigration officer for the further processing of application for PR visa for New Zealand.

Qualifications and skills

When you are finally ready to fly to New Zealand, your skills and qualifications need to be examined to prove that your intention of seeking skilled employment in the country are genuine. Well, if you have already attained employment letter from the overseas employer, then, you can produce it as a validation proof too.

English language proficiency

English speaking proof and tests to prove your proficiency have to be taken as a part of immigration approval process. You must understand that after getting settled in New Zealand, English will be the basic language of communication over there, so, being proficient in it is a must.


Proving that you are in good health is one of the prerequisites of migrating to New Zealand. X-ray, various medical tests and other evidences to show that you are healthy should be submitted. Standard of health is mandatory to be reflected in you visa application documents.

Journey to New Zealand requisites

You should have valid passport and right visa in order to board your flight to New Zealand. After arriving in the country, you should apply for the entry permission while answering the questions related to customs and biosecurity. Business related immigration rules should additionally be checked too.

Interactive services

All the provisions to validate immigration evidence prior to flying to New Zealand are offered by most of immigration consultancies. The entire application can be filled without any flaw if the immigration consultants are contacted in a timely manner.

How to ensure guidelines of New Zealand immigration are not missed?

It is apparent that filling visa application and adhering to immigration guidelines before traveling are very crucial aspects. In the entire process, the immigration consultants for New Zealand can simplify the procedure through assistance and guidance. In fact, they are aware of latest updates in the immigration guidelines and their expertise makes visa application approved in a short time frame.

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