Is It Possible to Shift to Portugal Permanently?

Is it possible to shift to Portugal permanently?

If you have been staying in Portugal for a period of more than five years, you are eligible to apply for the country's permanent citizenship. It is a part of the significant Portugal residency program. In this guide, you are going to get an in-depth overview of Portugal's Permanent Residence and how to achieve one. Anyone who is applying for the Portugal Permanent Residence Visa should take help from Portugal immigration services providers.

Portugal Permanent Residence

You can apply for the Portugal Permanent Residency by the end of the fifth year of your residency in Portugal. This card is not based on your minimum stay requirements. Also, you can expect its cancelation if you are staying out of the country for two years continuously. You must also note that you will have to renew your residency card after every five years. If you have a spouse, parents, or children who do not have the EU freedom of movement entitlement, they would have to apply for this permanent visa. However, they can only apply for this visa once they have lived in Portugal for five continuous years.

Criteria to Meet for Portugal Permanent Residence Visa

The candidate would have to submit the Portugal permanent residence permit to the border agency of Portugal, SEF. Anyone who meets the following criteria is eligible to be a part of the application process.

  • He/she should be a holder of Portugal's temporary work permit for a minimum of 5 years.
  • The individual must not have been convicted of any kind of offense or crime resulting in a prison sentence for over one year.
  • The individual should have enough financial means to support his living in Portugal.
  • He/she should have a residence in Portugal.
  • The candidate must have proof of basic knowledge of the Portuguese language.

Here are the basic options which shall be opened for you once you have completed your tenure of 5 years in Portugal:

  • You can renew your Golden Visa after tenure of every two years, whether or not you have given the basic Portuguese test.
  • Just in case you have been able to pass the noteworthy language test, you can apply for the Golden Visa Permanent residency. Apart from that, you can simultaneously apply for Portuguese citizenship as well.

Application Process for Portugal Permanent Citizenship

The form for residency needs to be submitted to SEF, as we mentioned above. But, the same is not the case while applying for permanent citizenship. In this case, you would have to submit your registration to the civil registry office. Once you have successfully acquired your citizenship, the SEF will be handling your passport applications. If you stay in Dubai and want this process to be hassle-free, you can ask the best Portugal Immigration Consultants in Dubai to handle the work for you.

Necessary Documentation for Permanent Citizenship in Portugal

The applicants applying for citizenship would have to submit noteworthy documentary evidence. Via these documents, you must showcase your ties with the Portuguese community. This criterion is applicable only for those who are born in an international state but have a grandparent or spouse as a Portugal resident for more than three years.

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