Tips To Find the Best Immigration Consultants for Canada and How You Can Save Yourself from Fraudulence?

Tips To Find the Best Immigration Consultants for Canada and How You Can Save Yourself from Fraudulence?

Canada is one of the important choices, making it one of the primary destinations to visit or roam around. Immigration often requires a lot of thought and consideration. It can be a complicated process and often becomes confusing when you need to collect lots of information. It is advisable to find the best immigration consultants in Dubai. This will help you with peace of mind as the consultations will ensure you qualify for a visa or an immigration process.

How Do I Choose an Immigration Consultant?

Regulated Canadian consultant services should be honest and realistic in terms of accessing the chances of securing the best pathway for moving to the desired destination. Experienced migration consultant services for Canada will anticipate the wrongdoings and make the correct recommendations to improve the chances of moving to the desired place. They should make the process easy and simple. However, finding a suitably qualified consultant is one of the major tasks to accomplish.

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Following are the Points to Guide You with the Right Consultants and Their Choice:

  • The Canadian Government should Authorize the Consultant

The Canadian immigration consultant should be registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). ICCRC approved consultants have a certificate of authorization. The license number starts with “R”, followed by six digits.

  • The Authorized Consultations should Provide a Range of Solutions

Suppose you do not fall in the category of a permanent resident visa. In that case, the consultant should frame out the options that will help you enter Canada on a temporary or permanent basis. They should be able to explain how a temporary visa can help you attain permanency.

  • The Consultant should have a Knowledge of the Canadian Market

The most important factor in Canadian immigration is your work history. A good consultant will compare your previous job experience with the standards of the Canadian market. The important factor is identifying the Canadian occupational code failure of which can make the application get refused.

  • The Consultant must be Aware of the Changes being Made in the Immigration Process

Studying and understanding the laws attached to the immigration process is very important. A small update can be a big opportunity for anyone to get the immigration to Canada.

  • The Consultant should Count on a Specialized Team for Support

Having a team of consultants helps to understand the chances of success even in the most challenging cases.

How Can You Tell a Fake Immigration Consultant?

Tips to Save Yourself from Fraudulence:

  • Save yourself from the things that sound too good to be true.

Using any representative doesn't mean that it will speed up the process of immigration.

  • Avoid consulting those who encourage you to seek wrong information.

It is against the law. If you follow any process to immigrate to Canada, you might get deported, or entry can be denied.

  • Don’t sign the blank forms even if you are insisted to do so.

If you don't understand anything related to the terms and conditions, ask for the translation or things to learn.

  • Protect your money:
    • The government never ask to deposit a particular amount in any personal account.
    • The government fee is in Canadian dollars and is the same irrespective of the place.
    • Any time you pay your representative, ask for the signed receipt.
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