How to Apply for Canada PR from Dubai? - Step by Step Process

How to Apply for Canada PR from Dubai?

Canada is an amazing place for Permanent Residency (PR) and immigration. If you are in Dubai right now, you will be amazed to know the landscape beauty, cultural diversity, quality of life, social security benefits, liberal policies, and stable residency status for immigrants are offered by the Canadian government. The procedure and pathways to immigrate to this wonderful country from Dubai are easy and organized.

How to Move to Canada From Dubai? - Apply for PR Visa

If you are planning to move to another country, Canada is the perfect place to settle permanently. Before moving to the process, let us shed some light on the different pathways available to move to Canada. Depending on your visa category, profile, and precise needs, you can choose from the following pathways:

This federal system is one of the fastest but point-based systems for Canada immigration operated by the Immigration Refugee & Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This system is designed mainly to offer PR in Canada to skilled immigrants. It primarily shortlists the candidates under the following streams:

The Federal Skilled Trades Program:It is for those who are involved in a skilled trade or technical occupation

The Federal Skilled Worker Program: This program is designed for international skilled workers

The Canadian Experience Class: This immigration stream is for those who are already in Canada on a study permit or temporary work visa

How to Apply for Canada PR through Express Entry: the Federal Skilled Workers Program?

Among all, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is the most popular stream. So, check out the ways to apply for Canada PR from Dubai under this category:

Collect all the Necessary Documents: First and foremost, collect all the relevant documents like Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from the concerned entity and IELTS result to show your English proficiency

Choose Your Skill Level: According to the National Occupation Classification (NOC), the skill levels include Skill Level B, Skill Level A, and Skill Type 0. So, find your suitable skill level

Create Your Profile on Express Entry: Create your profile on the portal of Express Entry and submit your EOI mentioning your details i.e. age, education, experience, language proficiency level, etc.

Meet Minimum Score Requirement: Based on your profile factors (listed above), you will be granted some score. To qualify successfully, you will need at least 67 points

Profile Review by IRCC: This authority will review your profile and provide you with a definite score as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

Invitation to Apply (ITA): If your profile is shortlisted and selected by IRCC in any of its draws, then you will get the ITA

Apply for Your Visa: Within 60 days of receiving the invitation, you will need to apply for your immigration visa

Provincial Nominee Programs: Popularly known as PNPs, these are separate immigration programs of the different territories and provinces of Canada i.e. SINP, OINP, AINP, BCPNP, etc. Every province selects its immigrants based on its precise industry and labor market needs. The candidates typically get a nomination from that particular province wherein they need to apply as immigration applicants. The nomination from the province makes applicants eligible to apply for Canada PR to work and live in the province chosen.

This immigration scheme is for Quebec, a Canadian province. Quebec is a bilingual province that speaks English as well as French. This province has its own criteria to select the immigrants for PR. This scheme includes streams like businessmen, skilled workers, and investors. After receiving the certificate from the authorities, you will become eligible to apply for PR to IRCC.

Key Requirements to Apply for Canada PR from Dubai

The following are the key requirements of immigration to Canada from Dubai:

  1. Educational Credential Assessment Report
  2. English Language Proficiency Test i.e. IELTS
  3. Health and Character Certificates
  4. Minimum Scores
  5. Meet the Other Basic Criteria to Apply for Your Desired Program

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