How Much Can We Expect To Pay For A Poland Work Visa?

How Much Can We Expect To Pay For A Poland Work Visa?

One can get a Poland work permit visa from UAE with a validity of 1 year. During that 1 year, the person can apply for a work and residence visa. This short-term visa will allow the person to live and work in Poland for up to 3 years.

Depending on various situations, the visa cost differs. You’ll need to pay 4400 INR as a visa processing fee to the Polish consular post. In addition, you might pay around 500 PLN of fees in Poland if you choose to apply for a temporary residence visa.

What To Know Before Applying for a Poland Work Permit?

To work in Poland, your prospective employer has to apply for a work visa on your behalf. It makes the entire procedure complex as you have to find a job before you are given permission to work. That means you need to consider two things:

  • To get a job before you arrive in Poland.
  • To immigrate to Poland with no work visa and amend your legal status after getting a job.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Work Visa?

  • You can get the liberty to work within Poland.
  • The visa sanctions your stay in Poland.
  • You can sign an employment agreement with your company.

About The Work Visa Application Process

The employer needs to submit an application for a work visa for you. Your future employer must fill out a work visa application that includes the name of the organization you are recruiting and your prospective job profile in this organization to get a work visa. If you successfully get employment in Poland, your employer needs to apply for a work visa for you.

An employer should carry out a labor market exam prior to commencing a foreign work permit application. The purpose of this examination is to check whether any Polish residents or other EU nationals are eligible to fill the job position.

In case there aren’t any eligible job seekers, the employer can apply for a work permit for you. The employer should incorporate documents proving that certain requirements are fulfilled with the application.

The Polish work visa processing might take around 10 to 12 days. After you arrive in Poland on a work visa, you are permitted to work here. Opt for the best Poland work permit agency to know about the visa application process in-depth.

What Are The Essential Documents Needed To Be Submitted By The Employer?

  • A duly filled visa application
  • Proof of paid visa application fees
  • Existing records of the economic activity of the employer
  • Copies of the applicant’s passport pages
  • Proof of applicant’s medical insurance
  • A copy of an agreement compliant with the service being offered by the company in Poland

Types of Work Visa

Poland grants 5 types of work visas, which are:

  • Type A work visa
  • Type B work visa
  • Type C work visa
  • Type D work visa
  • Type E work visa

If you are not an EU resident and want to work in Poland, you’ll require a Poland Work Permit Visa from UAE. The work visa is applicable for only one job.

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