Everything You Want To Know Regarding Canada Federal Skilled Worker

Everything You Want To Know Regarding Canada Federal Skilled Worker

Who is acknowledged as a federal skilled worker in Canada? In Canada, federal skilled workers are those who have the required employment experience, educational qualification, language proficiencies and who are nominated under Express Entry to apply for PR.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program Eligibility Requirements

If you want to be eligible to go into the Express Entry Pool as a Canada federal skilled worker, you need to comply with these eligibility requirements:

  • You must hold a 1-year of continuous full-time employment experience or the equivalent of continuous part-time experience in the last ten years in any of the 347 eligible jobs. All these 347 qualified jobs are mentioned under the applicable National Occupational Classification system.
  • The applicant’s employment experience should be categorized in Skill Type 0, Skill Level B, or Skill Level A.
  • You need to score well under the skilled worker point grid, consisting of 6 selection factors (age, education, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability, and job offer). At the moment, the applicant is required to score at least 67 points to pass.
  • You also need to go through a language proficiency test from a renowned third party and show intermediate-level language abilities in either French or English (official languages of Canada).
  • You must have enough funds to live suitably in any Canadian province.
  • You also have to go through a background check and medical test.

What Are The Eligible Federal Skilled Worker Occupations?

Here is a list of a few eligible federal skilled worker occupations:

  • Financial managers
  • Senior government managers and officials
  • Engineering managers
  • Managers in healthcare
  • Human resources managers
  • Corporate sales managers
  • Construction managers
  • Managers in agriculture
  • Accommodation service managers
  • Retail and wholesale trade managers
  • Commissioned police officials
  • Managers in customer and personal services
  • Brokers and securities agent
  • Insurance underwriters
  • Chemists
  • Forestry professionals
  • Administrative assistants
  • Legal administrative assistants
  • Administrative officers
  • Property administrators

How Many Points Can I Gain If I Have An Employment Offer?

In case you hold an employment offer from an employer in Canada, you’ll earn 10 points. Also, the employment offer needs to be for a minimum of 1 year, full-time in the occupation list. To know in-depth about the points system, you can reach out to the best migration consultants. MapleCan Migration offers quality Skilled Worker Immigration Services in Dubai.

Federal Skilled Worker Visa Application Process

Here are the steps involved in the federal skilled worker visa application process:

  • See whether you are eligible or not
  • Build an Express Entry Profile
  • Get an ITA (Invitation to Apply)
  • Review your e-application and get permanent residency
  • Apply for a Canada Permanent Residence visa

How Long Does It Take To Attain A Canadian PR Via The Federal Skilled Worker Program?

About 80 percent of the applications submitted under the FSW category take around 6 months to get processed. Some applicants get the “Invitation to Apply” in less than 4 months.

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