Canada Has Added 246,000 New Jobs in August

Canada Has Added 246,000 New Jobs in August

In March, almost 3 million jobs were lost during the lockdowns because of the ongoing Corona outbreak. But, now more Canadians are returning to work amid Covid-19 to bring the economic recovery of the country back on the track. If you are planning to migrate to Canada from Dubai, then some encouraging news is coming from the country. Continue reading to know more.

According to reports of the August Labor Force Survey released a few days ago, the recent easing of ‘public’ health restrictions has helped create more employment opportunities for Canadians as well as potential immigrants.

As per the reports of this survey, the employment rate has risen to 1.4% for locals. Meanwhile, the rate of employment for landed immigrants was around 1.6% while it is 2.2% for the recent immigrants. This increase is majorly driven by the decline in the number of recent immigrants due to this Corona crisis.

This vast majority of these opportunities were in full-time positions. The employment growth was focused in the service sector with +1.5% as opposed to the ‘goods’ producing industry. The growth of the service sector was concentrated in accommodation and food services, educational services, and other services which include beauty and hard-hit hair salons. As per the survey reports, “in the goods-producing sector, gains in manufacturing were partially offset by declines in natural resources.”

While this growth is a good sign and encouraging news for all the citizens, some disparities are also there in the employment picture. For instance, the gender-based labor force participation share is now within 0.2% for men (within pre-COVID-19 levels), while it is around 1.3% for women (below pre-COVID-19 levels). These stats show that many women are busy in the different household or non-employment related activities.

Apart from this, the rate of unemployment remains higher for ‘visible’ minorities as compared to those who are not a member of any visible minority group. The National Rate of Unemployment is 11.1% (please note it is not seasonally adjusted) compared to 16.6% for Southeast Asian, 17.6% for black, and 17.9 for Arab populations.

Youth and low-wage workers also have employment levels of only 86% of February while other professionals have almost returned to ‘pre-COVID-19’ level of 99.1% of February levels. This is completely driven by the focus on low-wage jobs in the ‘hard-hit service-producing’ sectors.

As such, there is plenty of room for progress. To recover properly, the country still needs around 1.1 million more jobs that have been lost due to this outbreak. As per the latest news, the economic recovery of the country is gradually coming back on the right track. Around 1.9 million jobs have already been recovered in the last few months. Along with the 246,000 new jobs created in August, another 1.2 million jobs were recovered and May & June and approximately 419,000 were in July.

All these numbers suggest that Canada is recovering well from this pandemic. So, if you are planning to migrate to Canada from Dubai, this is the best time to start with the process. And for this, connect with our certified and experienced Canada immigration consultants .

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