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9 Things that Make Canada an Awesome Place for Immigration

Canada is a beautiful country that offers a high standard of lifestyle, world-class education and healthcare systems, dynamic culture, etc. to its citizens and residents. All these factors put Canada on the top when it comes to immigration. If you are also thinking of immigration, then Canada is the best place for you to start a new life in.

9 Reasons Canada's an Awesome Place for Immigrants

Some more powerful yet convincing reasons that make Canada an outstanding place for new immigrants have been listed below:

#1 Canada embraces multiculturalism

Canada is one of the countries that have the highest migration rate per capita. Even in 2018, they welcomed more than 310,000 immigrants and 57% of them came as skilled professionals. This country is also recognized for its mosaic approach to multiculturalism where people coming from the different corners of the world live in harmony while maintaining its religious heritage and cultural heritage. With more than 30 ethnic communities, the country is like a melting pot of cultures wherein migrants are expected to blend in and incorporate to the norms of their ‘new’ home. The urban centers like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are quite diverse to enjoy the different colors of cultural beauty.

#2 It is one of the most inclusive countries in the world

Apart from being multicultural, it is known for its inclusivity and diversity in many other ways. Canada has the strongest support for the LGBT Community. Even in 2005, it became the fourth country in the world and first outside Europe to make same-sex marriage legal. The country also declares June as the Pride Month in 2015. Since then, the country celebrates LGBTQ as one of the largest festivals. In addition to this, women also hold a strong position in the country. In 2015, when Justin Trudeau was elected the Canadian Prime Minister, he promised 50-50 representation of women and men in the cabinet. Other basic rights of women like voting, abortion and birth control, etc. are protected and long-established. If you are a woman and planning to move to another country, then believe us nothing is better than Canada.

#3 Canada has the 10th largest and most stable economy in the whole world

When it comes to the global economy, this country punches above its ‘weight’. Even after being the 38th largest populated country in the world, Canada enjoys one of the most stable economies and in the 10th position. It is believed that Canada is globally known for its natural resources, but the economy of this nation is service-oriented with a huge number i.e. 78.9% of people working in the jobs related to services as per the Statistics Canada. Some small but steadily growing sectors of the country include petroleum and oil industries.

#4 The education system of Canada is incomparable

It is said that the country spends more money on education every year than any other industrialized nation. This is one of the reasons why it has been named the ‘Most Educated Country in the World’. The K-12 system of Canada is also regarded as one of the finest in the whole world. If you are moving here for educational purposes, then the options are endless. Some of the best yet high-ranked Canadian universities are – McGill University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, and so on. As per the data of Statistics Canada, nearly 54% of Canadians between 24-64 years of age have a post-secondary degree.

#5 Tech industry of Canada is growing so fast

The tech industry of this country is growing with leaps and bounds. Hence, it spells so many good things about the future of this country as the demand for skilled tech professionals will continue to go up. The Government of Canada supports and invests in this industry to make it strong and provide startups with the necessary monetary and non-monetary help. This is one of the reasons why this place is becoming a preferred choice for tech talents. With big names such as Salesforce, Facebook, Shopify, and Google’s Sidewalk Labs, Toronto is leading the pack. Other tech-focused cities in Canada are Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver.

#6 Canada’s citizens and residents have access to the world’s finest healthcare

The universal healthcare system of Canada was adopted in the 60s. Under this program, every territory or province in the country has a healthcare plan which provides all its citizens and residents with reasonable yet easy access to medical services without paying a hefty amount to the doctors or hospitals. In 2017, the country spent a huge amount of $6,323 per individual on healthcare. Thanks to the world’s finest healthcare system, the country has a life expectancy of around 82 years which is 18th in the world.

#7 Canada is quite safe

Ranks among the top ten safest countries in the world on several indexes and polls, it is the world’s 6th most peaceful countries. This rank was given by the Global Peace Index 2018 as it weighs numerous factors like political stability, homicide rates, diplomatic relations, militarization, incarceration rates, ongoing conflicts, terrorism impact, etc. All these factors make Canada the safest place.

#8 Banks of Canada are quite stable

For many years, several banks of Canada have been ranked the most stable in the world as per the World Economic Forum. You can easily deposit your money in the banks and rest assured that your money will be safe. In addition to this, the banks of Canada have not had bank failure since 1983. The citizens of Canada are quite forward-thinking when it comes to bank tech. 68% of Canadians use banking apps and online banking for several activities.

#9 Canada is a beautiful and peaceful place to live

There is no denying fact that the country has some amazing sceneries to enjoy. From PEI's coastal views to BCs Mountains, there is no storage of locations to visit and things to do in Canada. It has thousands and hundreds of countrywide protected historical sites, hiking trails, reserves, and parks.

Wrapping Up

So, these are just a few reasons that make this country an outstanding option for immigrants to live and build a life. Still thinking? Do not waste your time! Just get in touch with a licensed immigration consultant in Dubai for the right assistance and guidance.

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